Leaked Scans of the New Mortal Kombat

The latest installment of Mortal Kombat has garnered an unprecedented amount of hype, and stands to be the most defining and popular entry in the series since part two released in the arcades over a decade ago. EGM was able to do an extensive interview with the team behind the new title, and we've got leaked scans of the cover story in HD quality.

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Drazz3962d ago

I barely play fighting games at all, the only 2 I own are SSFIV and Soul Calibur IV, but this looks to be another good one. Haven't played Mortal Kombat since deception.....I think and I didnt even own that 1.

TotalPS3Fanboy3961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

"The team is hard at work on limiting the amount of time players lose control of their characters..."

"We don't want players to have that feelings that they're getting beat up so badly that they're simply holding their controller, unable to do anything about it."

My main grip with Tekken 6 was exactly that. You do not have enough control of your character. Unsually, you get hit by a combo and by the time you have control of you character again, you're already down to only 10% health. Get hit again and you're dead already. You don't feel like you can even control your character anymore, most of the time is spent watching your character get hit by a combo that lasted for 5 minutes. What's the point of playing Tekken 6 if the game doesn't even let you have control of your character?

With this new Mortal Kombat, they're balancing the combos with basic moves & special attacks, so that those that have not yet learnt the combos can still rely on just basic moves & special attacks to win. Both strategies (combos vs basic & special moves) can be apply to win a match. It's all about the strategy and skills. In Tekken 6, if you have not learnt the combo yet, there's no chance of you ever beating a person who have learned all the combos. And in this new MK, if you find yourself getting hit by a 20 hit combos, you can counter it by using your meter to do a combo breaker. Tekken 6 neeeds that kind of balance.

I also like the rating system of the new MK. If someone did something cheap or cheesy, everyone can rate it and tell him his fighting skill was kinda chessy or cheap.

TotalPS3Fanboy3961d ago

it's the kind of game you can just get your buddies together, fight, and have fun. And unlike Tekken, you do not need to spend 6 months learning combos before you can actually win a match, but you can still choose that path though, if you want.

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Graey3961d ago

Mortal Kombat...still the same stale game it was when it first came out.
Only fun thing was fighting to do the fatalities at the end.

One thing that irritates me...why would a woman fight in a bikini...I seriously doubt if your fighting for your life, you'd want to have that cumbersome shit on. Jeesh I hate crap like that. Just typical eye candy or something...i'm not sure about you but If I'm in mortal peril the last thing on my mind is trying to look good and shit.

Eh..again..same tired ole MK.

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Coolmanrico3961d ago

The less you wear the less likely it would get in the way, Dull. But serious I always find it funny when people question why a video Game character wear so little cloths. It a game, Scorpion’s sphere going to impale you rather you fully armor or naked.

LightofDarkness3961d ago

Looks pretty similar to a gymnast's leotard if you ask me. And why do gymnasts wear those? I'll let you mull that over while you come up with another faux-argument, based solely on righteous indignation, for not liking a game you haven't played yet.

oricon3961d ago

Personally don't care about fatalities or gore, this is why i never have liked the mortal kombat series, its fun watching fatalities for couple of times but it gets old, what makes a fighting game good is the fighting mechanics.

RubMyTaco3960d ago

It makes them more aerodynamic when they fight :D

animelover104873961d ago

she doesn't wear that for protection she wears it to offset the fact that she is a truly hideous monster if you knew a little bit about MK you would know that

Jab-dees-nuts3961d ago

I think that kinda of costume is more of a distraction, women are generally weaker then men so she uses her body as a tactic to seduce or distract her oponent, yea they can wear heavy armor but then they wont be as agile as if they were wearing a bikini. Its part of their character and i can digg it, they do try to make them look like "lady of the night" and bak in those fairly tale kinda scenes you usually see women as belly dancers etc so i think it gives it a little depth unlike the DOA girls

adamx3961d ago

so you like men,,,,
and if your a chick you probably a beast.
Same mk? Have you not seen mk the past 10 years?
This is more the og style, but im sure you rather pretend to be a hobbit or some gay shit like that right?

distorted_reality3961d ago

Wouldn't a bikini be less cumbersome than a full outfit?

Skizelli3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

"One thing that irritates me...why would a woman fight in a bikini...I seriously doubt if your fighting for your life, you'd want to have that cumbersome shit on."

Since when is a bikini cumbersome? Furthermore, in ancient times some female warriors fought topless.

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Whoooop3961d ago

It's a shame I just lost interest in fighting games because MK looks awesome.

I just can't get fun out of them as I did 2 last gens ago and before... Still, this game looks great.

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