Toulouse: Hardcore gamers have been 'wrong a lot for the past 10 years'

Microsoft's Director of Policy and Enforcement for Xbox LIVE Stephen Toulouse has hit out at the hardcore gamers who have raised concerns about Microsoft's upcoming motion control interface Kinect, saying that they have "kinda been wrong a lot for the past ten years".

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Bumpmapping3959d ago

Yeah whatever you say bud LOL!

Lionhead3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

Wow what a stupid comment, although he has a slight point.

"Wrong" is subjective and Mr. Toulouse aka Stepto fails to realize that there has been no "hardcore" software shown for Kinect. Only thing most hardcore gamers are interested in is the voice recognition and dashboard control without a controller. Plus everything new is criticized so I honestly do not know what he is talking about.

There is also no official price yet. So I don't see the point in hyping it myself when I have seen no software I am interested in apart from hardware functionalities and having no official price for me to figure out if I will be wrapping gift around the Christmas tree this year.

Other than that, it's just lol-worthy.

deadreckoning6663959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

Well, I know many hardcore gamers that believed that the Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, and Devil May Cry franchises would never go to the 360.

Edit: Ummm...I wasn't aware that u could disagree with a fact. I indeed know hardcore gamers that believed these franchises would never make it to the 360.

@Lionhead- Yea, I forget how emotional people get on this site. I probably shouldn't have said that.

Lionhead3959d ago

I agreed with you, but we both know you are baiting people.

solidjun53959d ago

Yea, the troll (dead) likes to do that.

HolyOrangeCows3959d ago

"I have one thing to say to the hardcore gamer who says Kinect has nothing for them," said Toulouse while discussing concerns about Kinect on Major Nelson's latest podcast. "Those games will have achievements, so don't tell me you're not going to play at least some of them, you hardcore gamers out there. I know you will."

Oh, that's right. I'm going to spend $100+ on Kinect plus $60 on Kinectimals, just for achievements. Pfft.

whothedog3958d ago


I think they are disagreeing because your post is pointless, everyone is wrong at some point in their life.

Actions speak louder than words. Show something for hardcore instead of just calling them wrong. And I am not saying they won't have anything, but expect skepticism till you can prove it.

IrishAssa3958d ago

@ Deadreckoning

The Fanboys generally believed that. Most Hardcore didn't care if it was or wasn't on it

sikbeta3958d ago


Sorry dude, but What's your point again?

"hardcore gamers that believed that the Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, and Devil May Cry franchises would never go to the 360"

OK, hardcore gamers believed that, but so?

You're tying to say hardcore gamers are wrong cos MS is making a motion-peripheral is aimed to the casuals and they must go to the casual root as well and just accept it, man, that's the Most Stupid thing Ever...

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DigitalPiracy3959d ago

Is that a picture of a werewolf? lol

mastiffchild3957d ago

I don't get it. He says, with some justification but little point, that hardcore gamers have often been wrong about things but he doesn't offer any reason as to why hardcore gamers might be wrong about Kinect. Hardcore gamers, by and large, just see that there's nothing there for them, yet, with Kinect and worry that the interface might just not allow for "core" game types. Show them how they're wrong and fair enough.

If, however, he's on about sales then he's got hardcore gamers all wrong as they don't even CARE if it sells or not while there's nothing to interest them to play on it. They won't give it a chance while this is the case and if it is a success then it won't be anything to do with them anyway.

seriously, he's answering questions that weren't asked with nonsensical ramblings about people being wrong about sales trends-that was NEVER any hardcore gamers issue with Kinect to begin with so what exactly does he want them to give Kinect a chance over? Is he promising actual core experiences on it? If so why not say so? Otherwise why even bother mentioning them? Honestly, I'm just puzzled at what he's saying and cannot see why he's said it. sure, hardcore gamers have been wrong about a lot of things but them saying there aren't yet any games for THEM coming torKinect isn't one of them.

mikeslemonade3958d ago

What about the times the gamers have been right?

Microsoft said they will have a presence in Japan, but we said they wouldn't and we were right.

Microsoft backed HDDVD, but we said blu-ray would win so they were wrong.

Microsoft said blu-ray won't be a factor this generation, gamers said it would and we were right.

Microsoft said PS3 will be last place, and they will be wrong.

TotalPS3Fanboy3958d ago

"Fuck you hardcore gamers. We're abandoning you for the casual. The 40 millions of you, for a chance at the casual."

XactGamer3958d ago

Blu-ray hasn't been a factor this gen because 3 out of the 4 major gaming platforms have shown no need for it. It has been only Sony and it's followers have said that Blu is important. The Wii, PC (steam) and 360 (GOD) say hi. MS didn't back HDDVD if they had they would have made it internal. BTW the PS3 is actually in last place. I don't know where in your make believe mind you get your facts but Google can help with that.

Now as for the MS statement I feel the are both right and wrong on this one.

IdleLeeSiuLung3958d ago

"Shipping a console with an Ethernet port? Oh, it'll never succeed. Paying for multiplayer? Oh no, that's not good. I don't like avatars; I won't buy anything that goes to my avatar. The Wii... I mean no offence hardcore gamers, you've kinda been wrong a lot for the past ten years.

"I love you and I'm a hardcore gamer and I've been wrong too. I was the one who thought the DS was kinda gimmicky and probably wasn't going to take off. I was obviously insanely wrong about that. Give it a chance."

Enough said!

IaMs123958d ago

The customer is never wrong. Why? because we are the ones buying the product with our money soooo if we say we are not satisfied with what you are doing its well within our rights to do so. Shut up and give us more/better/hardcore games. TY

Thats why i bought the 360, i was hoping it would have all the hardcore games i like to play but now (Both systems are going motion for casual)... thankfully i just built a PC :)

RememberThe3573959d ago

I think they have been wrong more then we have. But hey, lets forget all that and just assume that cutting out an entire fan base can be a profitable endeavor. Shit, the Wii is more hardcore than Kinect.

Millah3958d ago (Edited 3958d ago )

I know. If theres any company that doesn't have a clue what consumers want, it would be Microsoft. Microsoft has been wrong more than anyone else in this industry. They rely on others to make the bold risky new ideas, and then they come in that space AFTER the fact. Always chasing Apple, Google, and now that Nintendo has created a new market they're trying to come in that space as well.

I just find it kind of funny that this guy at MS would say crap like this just days after his division at MS killed the Kin just weeks after it launched, because it was such a miserable failure. That entire entertainment division at MS is so troubled right now, they're the ones getting things "wrong."

Raz3958d ago

They were actually expecting hardcore gamers to be the first ones to pick it up, assuming 'hardcore' meant "one who buys everything we sell". Too late, the realization dawns that the actual meaning is comparable to "connoisseur" - and now they're pleading for leniency.

Game companies, please take note and adjust your industry practices accordingly. ;p

ChronoJoe3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

He doesn't understand what a hardcore gamer is. Hardcore gamers are the ones that don't give a shit about achievements. What a tool.

Nice to see Microsoft know there userbase, I just hate it when an organisation thinks it knows what it's consumers want, when it's in direct contradiction to what they're asking for.

He also appears to believe that success makes it hardcore... Natal haters don't hate natal because they think it's going to fail, they hate it because it motion control fucking sucks to play with. Like he said with the DS, it IS gimicky, sure that doesn't stop it making sales (to, typically casuals) but it doesn't detract from the point that it IS just a gimmicky, toy with some pretty stellar marketing.

whitesoxfalife3959d ago

chronoJoe.... and this is the reason why ps3 is in third place by not listening to the hardcore, but still when will all three will learn.... achv's dont make you hardcore playing every game does.....i can go on but i rather not..... i forgot i'm not hardcore enough......lets not buy no games brand new..... buy them all used bet u they will change their tune

ChronoJoe3959d ago

How did you come to that conclusion.

In terms of hardcority (made up word), it goes Wii, 360, PS3, PC. Everyone knows that.

zag3958d ago

For me I'd put the PC at #1 in terms of hardcore.

Consoles don't really push it in terms of being hardcore.

What do you really have to do that's hardcore on a consoles buy games? that's about it really.

A Hardcore PC gamer you'd never buy a brand PC you'd always buy the parts then make your PC up as this allows you to upgrade the GFX card etc to what ever you want in the future.

All the brand new GFX cards can do over 100 FPS on crysis at the highest settings.

After all it was a PC that 2K displayed GTA4 at 8000x2000 screen res, getting a frame rate of 30fps.

Rainstorm813958d ago

Does this new word mean lack of an hardcore audience? only then does the order make sense.

Surely you dont think the Wii is a more hardcare system than PC???? let alone 360 and PS3.

PC gamers are the most hardcore, i mean dying from starvation while playing thats dedication

IaMs123958d ago

Watch it Zag what you say, if its not PRO PS3 on this site now your a communist, 360 news can slide. BUT once you outdo both of them your screwed.

Although i do agree PC has been and always will be the top. Common sense and if people can not simply see it or understand it they are delusional.

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theonlylolking3959d ago

Hardcore gamers are right about what they would buy.

RememberThe3573959d ago

And what hardcore gamer said the online multiplayer wouldn't work?

I also love how he brought up Avatars like gamers had a choice whether to use them or not. No one asked for Avatars and I personally have never bought anything for them, but if your a 360 only owner and your always seeing your Avatar on your dash board you might want to make him look like you want. It not becuase you like the Avatars, it's because your trying to make them look less gay.

Spenok3958d ago

Haha so true. I remember when Microsoft announed the new dashboard i was furious until they said it was optional. And not only that if you did download them the Avatars were ALSO optional. Both of those turned out to be a big fat lie and i cant do anything else about it. I have never bought anything for my avatar nor ever would. Hell i just about never touch my 360 unless something exclusive comes out for the console i care about. Which isnt to often.

nnotdead3958d ago

not true king. look at the L4D 2 and MW2 petitions. the hardcore signed them, and turned around and bough them.