Pseudo-3D Threatens to Sabotage the Gaming Industry

As is standard with any form of new technology, there's always a cheaper, lower-quality solution available for those who don't want to exert the necessary effort to pull off that technology correctly. 3D is the current tech advancement hitting the scene, and its popularity is seen as a lucrative opportunity for game publishers who need that extra 'marketing edge', but a massive headache for developers trying to implement 3D into their production pipelines. There is a form of pseudo-3D that has already made it into retail, and though it is easier to pull off than true 3D, it also threatens to undermine the future of this technology.

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s0ph1atr0n3959d ago

But I guess there's always imitators when it comes to new tech stuff.

DoucheVader3959d ago

Yeah I would hate to see everything go red and blue.

The stereoscopic stuff is pretty impressive.

DJ3959d ago

If 3D, similar to PS Move, might give some benefits (or detriments) to people who play online. I know people who play Motorstorm: Pacific Rift in 3D tend to prefer the 1st person view, which is a complete flip from the 2D demographics.

Dellis3959d ago

3DS TECH on television IS THE REAL 3D

not this Glasses wearing crap that basically just adds

DEPTH to the visuals it isn't even real 3D.

DJ3959d ago

But it's still not ideal. You only get the 3D effect if you're staring straight at the screen. The way it works is cool, but the 3D effect needs to be universally good from all angles to truly work right. This is probably why the PSP 2 is going to be 2D.

Briefcase Joe3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

Take you dumbass to the forums. I saw your retarded post on the forum trying to knock the PS3 again, and you got called out for being the idiot you are.

myothercar3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

People sure are ignorant. Anaglyph glasses DO NOT EQUAL pseudo 3D. Anaglyph glasses are a valid native 3D viewing method. What makes Arkham Asylum pseudo 3D is that they don't render 2 unique left and right eye viewpoints- they just draw one viewpoint and then apply clever depth map tricks to generate a second eye-- just like Crisis for consoles will. I've yet to see Arkham Asylum in 3D on consoles but I'd like to just so I can decide for myself if it looks fine or not.

raztad3959d ago

ANAGLYPH 3D is not close to the quality of stereoscopic 3D.

3959d ago