Apple says iPhone 4 Reception problem is just a Software Issue

I know that Apple is all about manipulating the reality distortion field, but I don’t understand this press release that insists that the iPhone 4 reception issues are software related. Here’s part of the official explanation:

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NecrumSlavery3033d ago

they can't just admit fault. this is better than blatantly blaming it on HOLDING THE PHONE WRONG...i guess

DailyAddict3033d ago

Yea, only the very retarded consumer will actually buy that "holding" (a physical action) the device can be fixed via software. What's funny is that Apple's statement basically indirectly says it's AT&T's fault and that all they did wrong was show you more bars than you actually have. Their "fix" isn't a fix and really is just them lowering the amount of bars that you see (a sabotage move really) so that when you do drop the call you will blame it on AT&T and not them. By them throwing out the fact that they will do this update on 3G and 3GS as well (devices that do not have this problem at all) is just an added insult to consumers.

Either way, this isn't really a design flaw since Apple blatantly knew about the problem beforehand ("bumper" case anyone?) and I really doubt this went unnoticed before production. Fact is, Apple chose fashion over function with the iPhone 4 and that 'revolutionary' antennae is just flat out retarded.

Still, it won't matter anyway because Apple at this point Apple knows that iPhone customers will buy an iPhone regardless of what problems it has. Apple could sell the damn thing with no screen at all and people would say it's magical.

Revvin3032d ago

This is my first iPhone, I bought mine just days before these reports started to surface and so I was a bit worried about the potential issues. I can replicate the bars dropping if I hold it in a tight grip just like in the video's on the net but it doesn't drop phone calls. To me the way to loose the signal shown in the video's is not a natural grip for me anyway so it doesn't really affect me. I'm not saying its not affected people but I don't think its as widespread as some would like you to believe. I'm not an Apple fanboy, I've owned an iPod but this is my first iPhone and I have not owned any Apple computers and don't intend on buying any.

Gamer Muzz3030d ago

Give me my droid any day. LOL