If There's Only One Team on the Field, Is It Still a Winner?

Earlier this week, we learned that Madden NFL 11 had created a new player attribute, but then sold the naming rights to a deodorant maker. And a million knees jerked in unison.

So this is what passes for innovation at EA Sports!

Am I also getting a discount on the price?

And, this old saw: Madden sucks. NFL 2K5 was the greatest football game ever.

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dktxx23965d ago

So Basically this article is saying that its not Madden lacking innovation, its the gamer not seeing their innovation. That is such a crock.

Madden is a failure year in and year out. They take out features, than add them back later so they can say its new. They remove a lot of new features instead of building on them. And Every year they say they've fixed defender ai, blocking, all that, but never do.

It's a showcase of constant redundancy, and empty promises. And that's not because it lacks something to compare it with, its just bad, period.

ReservoirDog3163964d ago

"NFL 2K5 was the greatest football game ever."

iceman063964d ago

It's not just saying that gamers don't see innovations. It's saying that it is hard to see the innovations because it is so closely scrutinized by gamers since it is the only game out. To be honest, who's fault is that. THIS is one of the best cases for "be careful what you wish for because you just might get it". Madden is now the one eyed man in the land of the know...he will always be king. It NEEDS the competition to be great. Otherwise, it just turns out to be a consistent, steady game of football that hits and misses enough to keep it average. They need to rebuild this game, from the ground up, and make it new and fresh. The engine is stale. Visually, it still closely resembles it's counterparts on the PS2 and original Xbox (aside from resolution). It still has these legacy issues, that IMO are probably related to the engine more so than anything else. I don't hate Madden. I hate that it has nothing to push it to be great.

Dellis3965d ago

MADDEN is the king, if it had competition at this point the
zombies won't look back

MysticStrummer3965d ago

I haven't had the urge to play Madden since 05. Still waiting.

Jamrock32923965d ago

Madden is garbage...the ONLY reason i buy it is because i LOVE football n love playing with my Carolina [email protected] Madden is only king because its the only NFL football game..when the licensce is finished 2k will return and show EA what a REAL simulation football is

xxLuckyStrike3964d ago

Madden is a joke...nuff said

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