The Future of Microsoft and Sony

This years E3 surprised a lot people, and not necessarily in the best of ways. A lack of groundbreaknig announcements from either Sony or Microsoft left us wondering where the two companies were heading. It sparked a lot of debate around the office, most noteably amongst Toby Farren and Graham Kay, who have both resorted to hiring professional food tasters, scared that the other one is attempting to poison him. We managed to get them to sit down in a room together to discuss the future of Microsoft and Sony. Here's how things went...

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MrGunny943965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

Microsoft and Sony can do very well...Kintec is really fun with family and Playstation Move i cant wait to use it on Socom :D

NecrumSlavery3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

I want to see one hardcore on Kinect. Maybe I am asking too much. Your thoughts N4G? I am tired of hearing "What Kinect can do....It's up to the devs imagination" Sounds like no one has any imagination. I watched hours of MS press shows and saw nothing hardcore utilizing Kinect. Listen to Peter Molyneux talk about Kinect for a year, and then hear him tell us Milo isn't a game, and fable 3 isn't using the device. On the other side of the fence I am getting Dead Space Extraction HD, Sorcery, Killzone 3, SOCOM 4, Heroes on the Move, Heavy Rain, LittleBigPlanet 2, and plenty of casual games for my family. Oh and most of it will be in stunning 3D. Kinect is 100% casual games, the Move is as of now 75% core games and 25% casual. You see the problem here MS? Of course you don't cause you said that hardcore 360 gamers are retards who will buy the Kinect and tickle tigers just for the achievements.

Megaton3965d ago

Pretty much read my mind. A year of ball slapping and "wait till E3 to see core games" and look what happened; nothing. Even G4 went and called it what it was at E3 this year, Microsoft's EyeToy. Morgan Webb on live TV flat out said it showed nothing that hadn't been done YEARS AGO.

Some of those poor waiting gamers just stopped talking about it, but there are still others claiming "wait till Gamescom, wait till TGS, wait wait wait". Now they come out and insult their fan base to boot. Abusive boyfriend syndrome with these people. "You don't know Microsoft like I do! He has core Kinect games when we're alone!"

stuna13965d ago

But a question I'd like to ask is, why is it when kinects and, the move are mentioned in the same sentence that one can't succeed or fail without the other? Meaning when someone feels that kinects will fail, it automatically is a death sentence for the move! I for one want both to succeed, but only on the basis that they actually bring evolution to the table. I also believe IMHO that the move has the stronger appeal factor, because by it having a hardcore application of use to it, it also potentially has the automatic backing of 35 million console owners from outset! And no I'm not saying 35 million console owners will buy it, I'm saying that the fanbase pool is already there.

Afro-Ninja3965d ago

kinect is aimed at people who can't think. It won't work with wheelchairs, but move will. Kinect can't interact with more than 2 players at once.

Granted, I don't know about move, but it has more chances of survival. Only time will tell.

ChronoJoe3965d ago

To be fair, Sony related stuff often gets announced at TGS.

So saying 'wait for TGS' is fair, I dunno about games com though, don't remember much about the last. Seemed uninteresting. Either way stuff like Disgaea 4 are promised for TGS so it's not fair to say there aren't also often big announcements for core games at these other shows.

Megaton3965d ago

I know, I was referring to Kinect and TGS. Sony revealed Move running on LBP and RE5 at TGS last year.

Spenok3965d ago

I fully agree. Its funny how thing turn out. It is kind of retarded that Microsoft would come out and say that about there userbase. But i guess we all have said things we regret now and again. Anyways well said.

ChronoJoe3965d ago

Well yeah, do M$ even go to TSG? never heard anything. Guess I don't pay enough attention though.

They could announce something at gamescon, though. I guess. I can't imagine they'll be anything decent though. Microsoft aren't particularly secretive about there developments like Nintendo or Sony.

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AAACE53965d ago

Is it because he said Kinect will do good with families?

We all doubted the Wii and thought it was a gimmick, and you see how that turned out!

Just because you don't like something doesn't mean others won't!

Both will do well!

WAR_MACHINE773965d ago

While I don't disagree with your statement that just because we don't like it others won't, but I do disagree that they will do well. I just can't imagine casual gamers and parents buying a new console and then spending even more cash to do something that a wii does cheaper and is probably already in their living room. I just think both are doomed to never find a real market, much like the eyetoy before them.

Anarki3965d ago

So what you're saying is that if people disagree with what he says, they should click Agree?

hoops3965d ago

This is N4G.COM
Anyone even saying anything positive towards the Xbox360 or god forbid Kentic, you will get bubbled down and disagrees. LOL

Parapraxis3965d ago

Oh yes hoops, keep playing up that victimization bud.

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playstation_clan3965d ago

the *KIN*ect will fail

anybody notice the word KIN in it, the phone that didnt do well, ;D

TheLeprachaun3965d ago

I really have no idea what MS were thinking with that phone.

Donny3965d ago

dont think kinects going to do much, my moneys on move.

TheLeprachaun3965d ago

While I agree with you, I think we need to see more of what both systems are capable of before making a decision either way.

demonddel3965d ago

not surprising u think that

EvilBlackCat3965d ago

KINECT getting a wand too.. wanna bet?

Snoogins3965d ago

What's the point of controller-less gaming if there is need of a control? By no means am I discrediting your prediction, but it seems a little contradictory for what they set out to do with Kinect. If there is a wand, it'll essentially be a Move and PSEye, wouldn't it?

monk3393965d ago

this is a PM I got from Evilblackcat, he is such a weirdo.

Full PM

"so i cant be a real gamer that hunt down your specimen

"PS3 Loyalists"

YUP i consider my self gamer that play in all console the games i like

NOT A BIAS Xbox360 fan
NOT A PC BIAS fan... mmm wait i have more love for my pc i recognize that
Not a Nintendo BIAS fan too

so yeah that is why the "in N4G if you say something negative about Sony automatically you are labeled an Xbot."

you on the other hand I BET you only game on a PS3 and your PC SUCK AZZ. "

Liber8or3965d ago

The Playstation Ice-Cream... I like it. :)

SoapShoes3965d ago

What constitutes groundbreaking? Gimmicky hardware? Sony had more than enough awesome games showcased at E3 with many more showcased before/after E3, I'd say they have a bright future.

gamerzBEreal173965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

lmfao at Graham "I much rather see a company offer something new, refreshing and a challenge to the current trend than mimic and copy competitors. For me, whether Kinect fails or not, Microsoft will have gained some respect for attempting something new." respect for something new? mimic and copy competitors! Eye toy says hi! DVD9 also says how u doin built in wi-fi says where ya been for 4 years microsoft? lmao just wow first timee microsoft does something new and there so proud of it when it happend last gen microsoft messing with consumers once again
"The greatest feature afforded to Kinect core gamers is the ability to choose whether or not you would like to use a controller as well motion sensing. Unlike the Move, whereby you are limited to the device in your hand which acts as a controller and pointing device"
first of all is that really kinects greatest feature afforded to the core gamers? KINECT a motion controll camera for motion controlling ...its greatest feature is useing a controller? and who wants to pet a baby lion with a controller and i think people buy a motion controller to use the motion controlls not the controller they have already

stuna13965d ago

That the sixaxis is also a motion control in it own right also. So there is still the option to use it.

JayD-1K3965d ago

you could still use it by itself!

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