The Inconvenient Truth Of Buying Video Games?

What do you consider when shopping for a new video game console?

The games available for the console? How much it will cost you?

What about the ethical impact of your choices?

Do you weigh what the creation of that console does to the environment, whether it was built in sweat shops or contains supplies sold to fund wars?

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nickjkl3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

now i feel sad

thanks alot kotaku ruining my day of good news

NecrumSlavery3968d ago

Do you weigh what the creation of that console does to the environment, whether it was built in sweat shops or contains supplies sold to fund wars?

-Playstation 3 has [email protected] which has been a great help with cell and protein research at Stanford University. I sometimes turn it on and let my daughter play around, while my PS3 is contributing to the medical and scientific community. It is not made in a sweat shop. The Japanese are not allowed to wage war or fight offensively by law since the end of World War II. Does my system check out? Does it make the cut?

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games4fun3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

hopefully the hours i spent [email protected] helped in some way. I feel that the next set of consoles should have more functions which give back. Sony did a pretty good job of it but i hope Nintendo/Msoft follow suit. And Sony continues it with the ps4.

[email protected] and apps like it should be there.

As well as gaming friendly options like making your console a dedicated server while your off of it to help gamers play a more stable game. (like some sony games did.)

Edit: the hardware is there why not take advantage?

NecrumSlavery3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

bubbles for being a grateful gamer....

I read somewhere last year the Wii is the worst on the environment.

**I know this is off topic a bit, but I really like how a new 360 controller smells. Has that dashboard plastic meets new car smell.*

Darkstorn3968d ago

It is the developer's job to create immersive and innovative experiences for us all.

It is the publisher's job to find sustainable ways to produce and market our video games.

More pressure should be put on publishers to conform to environmental standards and embrace the rights of workers.

outrageous3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

Anyone who is not familiar with what is discussed in this article is in denial. Recently a factory in Asia actually had workers jumping from the factory roof top and committing suicide to protest the working conditions in the factory. This factory produces high end electronics for M$, Sony and Apple to name a few. They ( workers ) receive, I believe something like $130 ( AVG ) a month in wages with forced overtime. There are changes being made now, one of them involves MOVING the factory to a new location in a new country.

This kind of thing has been going on forever. Electronics, clothes etc...Most, some may argue ALL things you buy nowadays is made outside of North America, usually in sweat shops in Asia and around the world where there are no worker rights.

What's the solution??? There is no quick fix for this problem and you can expect it to get much worse. It's a battle as old as recorded history between the haves and the have nots. Those with the power only want more power and money. Can we make better choices who/what/where and when a company deserves our money...sure. Are they telling you the whole truth and nothing but the truth about where that money is going...NO.

Small is the number of people who see with there eyes and think with there minds-Einstein

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rezzah3968d ago

Its the sad truth about the world, but no matter how much you try on your own you will never make a impact. Nothing will change until the higher-ups want to make a change. Unless the country as a whole makes a stand...but you will never see that happen. People do not care unless they themselves are affected.

Darkstorn3968d ago

I wouldn't be so cynical.

Many of the young idealists of this generation will grow up to be people who will truly make a difference for the world's people, and many will go into government or international relations. Not all politicians are soulless and despondent.

Jrome3968d ago

We keep on saying this...yet it keeps on getting worse.

dizzleK3968d ago

the people in charge now were the idealistic hippies a few decades ago. things are the worst they've pretty much ever been. all your idealism goes out the window once you get a taste of power and "get yours".

Jason1433968d ago

same with every little thing.

barakiu3968d ago

instead of some uproar over supporting developers, why are people so quite about those that starve to death on a daily basis?

rezzah3968d ago

Think about it, uproar about developers probably will end with a better game.

Uproar about people starving, will cause a change in our lives as we know it. Of course thats only if enough stand up to create that change for a better world. Even if we do "care" its not the type of care to actually want to make a change. Because that change will create a chance in our own lives.

Dac2u3968d ago

So, anytime we support anything, we should change the subject and shout about how there are starving kids in Africa? I can see it now:
Person 1: "I like that new phone service." barakiu: "BUT THERE ARE STARVING PEOPLE IN THE WORLD!"
Person 1: "The Red Sox are doing alright this year?" barakiu: "YA, BUT DID YOU KNOW THERE ARE STARVING PEOPLE?"

Also, you steal games because of people that starve to death? That's weird...

Meowhammad3968d ago

The Inconvenient Truth About Me: I truly don't care.

Darkstorn3968d ago

'Meowhammad' is also an idiot. What you don't care about can and will come back to bite you in the ass. Ignorance ain't bliss, bro.

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