Xbox Live Keeps Growing

The gaming industry saw a revolution when Microsoft totally changed the game with its online service dubbed Xbox Live. We’d never seen anything like it before, and now, all the other companies are following in its footsteps.

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dizzleK3028d ago

for the sheer amount of games, vids and demos available alone, xbl is clearly a better service. i'm just talking about silver, i refuse to pay for gold (i rarely play online games).

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drsnobby3027d ago

XBL has set the standard for online gaming for consoles.what they have done over the years brought them to the now.some hate it because they don,t want to understand the service. having both consoles affords me the luxury of being a gamer and i can truly say that XBL is the standard barrer.

Snakefist303027d ago

Xbox live is growing because of Call of Duty.