Shaun White Skateboarding Boxart Reveals Wii Balance Board Support?

Nintendo Okie shows Shaun White Skateboarding's boxart and the image on it for what appears to confirm Wii Balance Board support.

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CoffeewithChess3126d ago

now more interested in this game. If it controls like the snowboarding games, it should turn out well.

SeanRL3126d ago

The animations suck, it's unrealistic, the graphics aren't that great, shaun white snowboarding sucked. How could you be interested in this game.

dirthurts3126d ago

All his games have been pretty bad...
This looks like Tony Hawk with flick it controls.
It looks real gimmicky to me.
I'll stick with Skate. But Skate does need to come up with something new. Maybe ground tricks? Streetplants, and casper slides would be nice. Maybe throw some Snowboards, or Mountainboards in there. Variety is always nice.

SpoonyRedMage3126d ago

Shaun White is a scary looking dude.

CoffeewithChess3126d ago

but he has more money than me!

BTW, did you play either of the Shaun White snowboarding games on the Wii?

SpoonyRedMage3126d ago

nope, not really a snowboarding or sports game fan so it was double whammy. Heard nothing but praise for the games though.

Quagmire3126d ago

He reminds me of Carrothead....face....Top! thats it, carrot top.

dizzleK3126d ago

freaky ginger. carrot top is shaun white in disguise.

RayRay363126d ago

Dude down the street that used to sell weed looks exactly like this dude. EXACTLY!

Titanz3126d ago

Totally forgot about the Wiiboard...

Nintendo's answer to Kinect I guess.

rumplstilts3126d ago

Kinect is MS answer to Nintendo in general. Aside from Child Of Eden, it looks to be an awful answer.

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The story is too old to be commented.