Do Graphics Matter?

It’s an interesting question, when you think about it. The intuitive answer is “yes, of course they matter.” But is that really true? Do they matter as much as we think?

In an article on CVG, Adrian Chmielarz, founder of Bulletstorm developer People Can Fly, says he and his company “really don’t care that much” about graphics...

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Why o why3959d ago


Better graphics help improve some games and hinder others. Im a graphics man myself. Of course i want gameplay to match but its why i purchased a hd console + plasma. I do notice that graphics is a bit of a taboo subject for many here on N4G...sad, guess you only sing when your winning;)

T9X693959d ago

On N4G gameplay means nothing, its all about the graphics. I don't know about the rest of you, but I enjoy PLAYING my games and not just staring at them.

Why o why3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

says who...YOU? There are many great games that combine the 2..God of war 3, Uncharted, mass effect 2, Dead space so why shouldnt we pine for graphics on top of good gameplay, which should be a standard component of any game. The want for technical/graphical excellence has been here since forever. I remember when gears and bioshock were the toast of the graphical games and they were rightly lorded because they were amazing titles when they were released. Now it seems wanting excellent graphics is something that ps3 fans get attacked for (yeah, ive seen it)

Just look at the last games that were supposedly better than x or y and look at how many who used to make comments like yours 'come out' and lord and project onto an unfinished product. Seen it way too many times. Point is most of us would love great graphics on the games it makes sense to have great graphics on. I want it all. Its why i paid what i paid for my whole setup. Its why i upgraded from the last gen consoles. It also shows that the devs have put the work in. Im all for that. If at any point the improvement of graphics cause the detriment of gameplay then its obviously not worth it

blitz06233959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

lol troll

exactly what the first guy said. for some games graphics are impt, like action-adventure games because they give a better experience. but for sandbox/open world games like gta/infamous/assassins creed personally I don't look for amazing graphics.

xYLeinen3959d ago

Don't share your honest opinion mate. You're on N4G, and honesty is "Disagrees".

I'm down to 2 bubbles for that :(

Bigpappy3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

Next stupid question.

Elwenil3959d ago

To me, it's a complete package. The gameplay, the story, the graphics, the fun, the whole thing. If a certain part of a game is so much better than the norm, then yeah, I can overlook something else that's not up to par. People spend way too much time picking this crap apart all the time.

Corepred43959d ago

what an idiot. lol last i checked when i PLAY a game i have to STARE at the screen. other than blinking, lol. what the are people supposed to while they play a game other than stare at the game? look out the window?

Lykon3959d ago

I agree with you t9x69 , you may have been broadly generalising and got a lot of disagrees, but as soon as a multiplat is released this site is flooded with bland news stories comparing screen shots down to the last pixel. Graphics are the main area in which the fan boy war is fought and the majority of news stories here are fan boy related. i agreed and bubbled you up, but hey it's just an internet site.

Biggest3959d ago

Think about what graphics are. They aren't a still photo. They aren't screen shots. They are a visual representation of user input. The fanboy war may have introduced the "OMG JAGGIES!" topic to us all. But actual game graphics are so much more than just pretty models. As graphics evolve, the games themselves evolve. Most of you are stuck in fanboy mode and think graphics are only there to show your consoles power. That is not even close to reality. Go back to the early games that weren't Pong or Pac-Man types. An early ancestor of Uncharted 2 is Pitfall. Do you think the game developers didn't think about scaling walls and swinging across a suspended rail car? I've had an imagination since I can remember. I am sure they did as well. But the graphical limitations of the time wouldn't allow what we see today. Not caring about graphics is the same as not caring about evolution in gaming. The better the graphics, the more we get to experience. Graphics matter.

morganfell3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

When you are not the graphics leader then they no longer matter. Microsoft themselves have taken the position that HD is inconsequential. Their public pronouncement of 3D follows a similar vein. When you lack disc space for hi res textures and raw processing power to utilize them, then it makes sense to shy away from pushing the point of render ability.

The fact is graphics do matter for many titles. Not all, but many. Graphics pair directly on immersion for numerous titles and in several cases, graphics are game play. Stealth titles that rely heavily on light and shadow, or other similar visual keys rely heavily on graphics.

UltraNova3958d ago

Here let me ask you a question in the same context,

Does the horsepower of a car's engine matter?

If you are a 60 year old Grandpa don't bother answering :p

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deadreckoning6663959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

Depends on the game.

For example, you can't expect an open world game to have the same graphical quality as a linear game.


Ummm..GOTY to who exactly? My GOTY for 2009 was KZ2. I just got Uncharted 2 a couple days ago.

@Karum- I didn't have Uncharted 2 in 2009. Therefore, its impossible for it to be my GOTY.

Karum3959d ago

KZ2 not a bad choice for GOTY.

Uncharted 2 though, very deserving winner of the title.

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BattleAxe3959d ago

As the years go on, I expect both great graphics and great gameplay, otherwise I would still be playing Socom on my PS2.

SOAD3959d ago

If Sony hadn't released a PS3, you would still be playing PS2 games.

Sony said it themselves. They said, and I'm using their words, their job is to provide people with products that they didn't think they needed until they saw them.

DigitalAnalog3959d ago

Hence the 10 year life cycle.

-End statement

Dee_913959d ago

im having deja vu cuz i swear i just saw an article like this a few days sgo

ABizzel13959d ago

Graphics are only there to enhance the experience. They don't make or break the game. I enjoy gameplay most of all, but looking good doesn't hurt either. Just ask Warhawk & Left 4 Dead 1, not the best looking games, but easily in my top 5 of most played games this gen.

Add Uncharted, LBP, and Resistance FOM to that list.

Upbeat3959d ago

ofc they do, when newer games have better quailty of visuals it means that the industry is moving forward and making things more realistic.

but then again games are games and do u want them to be realistic ?

sid4gamerfreak3959d ago

yes of course it matters.

Seriously, does anyone wanna play las gen games after experiencing crysis, uncharted 2, god of war 3, etc..

NYPunkster3959d ago

correction... for PS3 users yes, xbox users no. :P

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ClownBelt3959d ago

I love great graphics. Before it was all about the gameplay, but when I tried playing older games, I just couldn't get into it anymore.

matthewschrager3959d ago

I think that's because older games no longer pass the 'crap threshold.' 10 year old games might have looked great 10 years ago, but they look abysmal today compared to everything else, and that distracts us.

A better way to look at it is: do you enjoy playing games with mediocre graphics by MODERN standards?

NecrumSlavery3959d ago

I still think Oddworld Abe's Oddysee and Exoddus hold graphically and technically to today's standards. It's a game that only needs a slight polish to stand up with today. The graphics style of scenery of Trine and Shadow Complex are similiar to classic Oddworld. And of course the gameplay is just stellar, the story is amazing and the entire design behind it is ingenious.

no_more_heroes3959d ago

and I will definitely coo over nice graphics, but I don't need them. "I Wanna be the Guy" says hello.

xino3959d ago

if you still feel that graphics doesn't not matter, then you are not a real gamer:/

MadMan003959d ago

WOW, you are an idiot real gamers don't care about graphics more like hardcore nerds and new school gamers. You're supposed to care about the things that actually affect the game play like Story, battle mechanics, movement, etc.

Now please GTFO and go back to GameFAQ, thanks.

xino3959d ago

tell me fake gamer, without graphics, how would Uncharted 2 become a great resonant game eh?

without graphics, how would Resident Evil 4 feel so awesome in aiming? I mean you aim the vital points of the enemy that causes direct damage, with a sh* graphics, how the fark will feel the impact realism to the damage?

It's like saying killing ninjas in Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 with purple mist is better than killing ninjas in Ninja Gaidne 2 with blood. Since blood makes it feel more realistic.

Without graphics, how would d00m 3 feel scary?

Without graphics how would Half Life 2 feel so realistic?

Without graphics how would games like Heavy Rain feel closer to realism?

gtfo and go play a Wii son!

DigitalAnalog3959d ago

35+ Million PS3 Owners & 40+ Million 360 owners upgraded from the PS2, XBOX & Gamecube.


-End statement

despair3959d ago

Graphics are very important, they can improve and expand on an already great game, no one can deny that metroid, zelda, mario etc. would be better if they had the power of ps3 or x360, not saying to change their art style or gameplay just the overall quality of the models, textures, AA, shadows etc.

pippoppow3959d ago

Overall system power coupled with graphics can improve games by offering more things to do in bigger worlds with more things going on at once. You can usually see the difference each gen but I think it comes down to how well things blend together.

If a game has ok graphics but everything else if great then I'd choose it over a vastly better looking game lacking in other departments. This is why I'd pick many older games over the current ones. Many of the games today try to get by on just looks but then many younger gamers seem to gravitate and obsess over graphics the most unfortunately.