SegaAddicts: Top 10 Worst Sonic Characters

A weekly Worst 10 column at SegaAddicts. This week it's the 10 Worst Sonic Characters.

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Eric Barrier3028d ago

There shouldn't even be 10 Sonic characters...

Bobbykotickrulesz3028d ago

There's 10 Sonic characters?

What the fuck is happening in this world...

gtamike3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

I have no problems with them only Sonics newer voice.
The old voice was the best!

SoapShoes3028d ago

As a Sonic fan I'd have to say Big is the worst, a dumb cat with a frog for a friend and an annoying voice. They also made Amy annoying after the Adventure games.

As far as the other characters, they're fine as characters(most of them) but don't have the best gameplay. My favorite is Espio.

gumgum993028d ago

what the heck? Why Is Sonic #1? Mine as well go out and say you hate the series because the franchise is his namesake.

AbyssGravelord3028d ago

I wish Team Chaotix would get their own game ;_;

oricon3028d ago

They have it's called Knuckles & Chaotix

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The story is too old to be commented.