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Eurogamer: If Sony feels aggrieved at being outmaneuvered, it's not because its technology isn't the future - it's because its technology isn't the present. The present is what Nintendo is very good at. It creates devices which are cheap to make right now, rather than betting the farm on cost reductions in three years' time. They're easy to develop for, because their power is familiar to developers. They're easy to sell, because their price points fit well with the market. Yet through clever selection of technology and design elements, they remain exciting enough to grab headlines and wow consumers.

This is the lesson which Sony still has to implement across its entire business. It's great that the company can show off future technology ...

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DA_SHREDDER3969d ago

I wish Eurogamer would make up their mind. First they say that Sony exclusives aren't innovating enough, now they are messing up by trying to push future tech forward instead of just living in the now. Thats exactly why I cannot stand this fuckin piece of shit site. They are the biggest fanboy's in the gaming media. Go to hell Eurolamer.

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poopsack3968d ago

Join us next time for more: When Irony Attacks

happyface3968d ago

Rough time ahead for Sony, I think everyone is finally realizing 3d gaming on tvs isn't happening for a long time and Move has zero hype among hardcore sony fans and casuals

oh and PSP is truly dead too

what can Sony do to save itself?

DarkSpawnClone3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

how much hype would you put behind a controller lol, i'm a hard core gamer and i gotta say I'm hyped for move :P i cant wait to try it , i want it for first person shooters.sword games would be cool...a jedi game would be wicked :P ...happyface more like sadface your just a troll.

n4gno3968d ago

lies are not allowed here, kill the lying fanboyz bubbles !

Gue13968d ago

inFamous 2 combined with LBP2, Killzone 3, GT5, FFvsXIII, The Last Guardian, Socom 4 and the superior version of Portal 2 with steam will fix everything. =)

gynecologistcobra3968d ago

You'd probably be happy if they just put out articles saying "SONY IS AWESOME!", huh?

nveenio3968d ago

It's not about having a favorite. It's about having unfair standards. And he gave an example. Saying something isn't innovative, and then...when they start to innovate...saying they aren't living in the now IS a little twisted. It's hating for the sake of hating. It's hating a brand. It''s fanboyism. It's real, and it's everywhere.

Actually, that's not true. There's one forum I visit with a thread that's actually called "PS3 vs. 360, Which Should I Choose?" or something. It's been going for about 4 years now. It's the most civil thread I've ever seen on such a hot topic.

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Chaostar3969d ago

As one of the "dwindling" population of gamers who love to live on the bleeding edge of technological advancement, I severely hope Sony stick to their ways and keep giving us amazing products that pioneer innovative entertainment experiences in the home...

...somebody has to keep things moving.

360Defender3968d ago

then you would be gaming hard on your PC where this kind of 3d has been around for 2 years already and is supported by hundreds of games. Move is nothing new, PS3 graphics are nothing new, and PS3 3D gaming is nothing new.

dragonelite3968d ago

Using same methods we used last 3D craze when was that 1999 or something still with glasses. Rather have a glasses free tv and sony product atleast the hd tv are overpriced compared to what samsung has to offer.

mantisimo3969d ago

....implement the ds type glassless 3d into all there tv's/consoles then everyone in the house would be able to sit on each others knee to watch tv and play games.

Because of course you have to be absolutely central to the source for said glassless 3d to work.

Well at least 1 small chair in the lounge for 6 of us would make the place seem roomier but I wouldn't want to be the first one to sit down. (My mother in law is very fat)!

Darkfiber3969d ago

They will. They've admitted that they've had the technology for years, they are just trying to cash in on selling as many pairs of overpriced glasses as they can before they release it, so they can make even more money off the early adopters who will most likely go buy a 3D tv without glasses since they feel stupid for buying one with glasses and it simply wont do for them. It's just a cash grab, anyone buying 3D glasses is a moron.

Dramscus3968d ago

not quite true but fairly close. Many companies have been working on autostereoscopy for years, as long as stereoscopic has been in the works at least. Auto is more complex though and only quite recently has anything good started coming out of it.

Generally AS has capped out at eight or ten viewing angles but literally in the past year or so a few companies have managed large advances in the tech by way of thirty and over a hundred viewing angles. Respectively from different companies.
Should take two to five years for this technology to make it to consumers.

nikoado3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )


Very interesting.

Do you have a link for that? I would like to read up on it.

DarkSpawnClone3968d ago

lmao im sure it wouldn't be like that mantisimo,tech can always be improved on.

talltony3968d ago

You are exactly right and dnt care how many disagrees you get because you just hit the nail on the head. I am all for glassesless 3d tvs and they are coming to the consumer market alot sooner than everyone thinks.

Dramscus3968d ago

@nikoado I spent a few hours reading a bunch of sites I found through google. The wikipedia article for it's a good place to start

this one's pretty good.

I can't find any of the articles I've read before sorry.

There was one that was using triangular mirrors if that helps at all. Happy searching.

Dacapn3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

The tech is already there, but would you rather pay 20K right now for TV that can show 3D without glasses or 3K right now for a TV that needs the glasses?

Everyone complains that 3D is too expensive, but at the same time want "glassesless" 3D. I wish vegetables tasted like candy, but unfortunately, I live in the real world :/

snp3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

You've floated this conspiracy theory a few times now. Any chance of a link, or something - anything - to substantiate it?

What you're saying is simply not true. The technology as a single 'sweet spot' technology has been available for years - but that's completely irrelevant to large screen tv's. As Dramscus said, there are just very recently 'multi-sweet spot' versions (very very expensive) being demoed at various trade shows (though the most i've heard is 64 sweet spots - which is still a long way from useful from a lounge room type set up).

The alternate to the 'sweet spot' tech, is a roaming sweet spot via a camera monitoring eyes on the fly (and shifting the sweet spot). This is somewhat useful - though still flawed - pc monitor tech. But, again, useless for large screen multi-viewer lounge tv's.

Baffling. I don't know if you're just ill-informed or not very bright, but running around screaming that everyone is a 'moron' based on what seems to be pulled out of nothing more than your... well. It's pretty obnoxious.

And Talltony, i looked at those links you provided when i asked you on this 12-18 month time frame. One was of a guy staring at a limited tech (sweet spots) Intel demo - which had no sound (was just a CES fan type recording) - and the second was a list of Obama etc speech videos. I don't know if you stuffed up or what happened.

If this tech is to be here next year could you please a) find one source demonstrating a near to finished version of it, and b) a rep from any of the major television manufacturers mentioning a time frame anything like what you've presented.

I'm sorry but 'they just want to make lots of money, and then lots of money again next year and already have the tech ready!' is just childlike waffle. These companies would love nothing more than to one up each other, and would know damn well that glassessless tv is a much easier and better sell than 3d tv with glasses (and the earlier they got in the better the premium they could charge).

TV manufacturers are always keen to push future tech asap - as they have been Oled tv, for example, in spite of their current reliance on lcd and plasma. And Oled, after years of getting it to a viable stage, is finally coming next year at earliest, more likely in 2012.

Auto-stereoscopic tv's of large scale for the mass market are years away. Anything to the contrary, unless you can back it up, is just illinformed nonsense. I wish it were next year or the year after, as well, but wishing doesn't make something so.

talltony3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

being in the consumer market within 24 months time. And unlike other tvs. These have 8 veiwing angles so how is it a stand still tech? Obviously once they are out they will be improved anyways.

snp3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

Well, he doesn't say 'within 24 months', but as a random - likely very optimistic - timeframe says 'in 24 months', when called out on the spot (i don't get the sense there's any manufacturing plan behind that time frame; it's just thrown out there). He also all but acknowledges there that the tech isn't up to spec to consumer needs on the earlier models (12-18 months) you've previously mentioned. And I don't really see that there's going to be some sudden shift that makes something that is unviable in 18 months, definitely on the shelves in 24 (if there was they'd simply hold off and simply go blitzkrieg in 24 months).

8 viewing angles doesn't mean it's a 'stand still' tech. (not sure where you got those words?) It does mean it's still, as i suspected, though an old-fashioned problematic 'sweet spot' tech (you can even see slightly off center in that filming it blurs). In the lounge room 64 sweet spots (which others have managed with 20-40K prototypes) doesn't cut it, so no way is 8 going to do the trick. For home use, it has to basically mean if you can see the tele you can see the 3d effect.

No offence, but nothing this guy has said leads me to think Auto-stereoscopic tv's are just over the hill - and when they do arrive, frankly i'm doubtful it'll be TCL that gets there first. I'd expect it to be 'at least' 3 years from being useable home tech, and probably close to four or five (in terms of price, first, and getting it all up to spec on Oled designs, which will largely have taken over by then.)

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zodiac9093968d ago

anyone who says we should have 3d tv screens like that the 3ds has is retarded. its not true 3d! you would have to get up and walk around while playing the game to see the 3d effect. that and it not as good as 3d glasses

TheViper3968d ago

What in the world are you talking about? Where did you read that you must move around to get the 3D effect on the 3DS?

Kinda funny given that those 50 or so 3DS demo kiosks at E3 were not very mobile and yet we ALL saw the 3D clear as day and were' quite impressed by it.

Walking around to get the 3D effect? Not true 3D? If you're going to knock something, at least get the facts right.

zodiac9093968d ago

Were you at e3? did you use and get hands on experience with the 3ds?

TheViper3968d ago

Zodiac909, indeed I was at E3 and had 3 separate instances of time with various 3DS games and demo's.

The only demo that required movement to achieve a 3D effect was one (don't recall a name unfortunately) that used the 2 cameras on the back to create an augmented reality visual which displayed everything the cameras saw in full 3D with a series of puzzle elements mapped onto the objects on screen. Moving around naturally changed what you saw because the imagery was real time camera data.

For all other games, the 3D effect required no movement at all.

I do recall a game coming to the DSi that used the front camera to detect movement and adjusted the viewing perspective if the DSi was moved. This allowed for a pretty interesting window 3D effect. Perhaps that's what you are thinking of?

gynecologistcobra3968d ago

Don't worry, he's just trolling. Or being dumb, I don't know. Why he thought that you would be required to walk around with a handheld, I haven't the faintest idea.

peowpeow3968d ago

"Were you at e3? did you use and get hands on experience with the 3ds?"

..wait for it..

you got owned!

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gynecologistcobra3968d ago

What the hell are you taking about? We have to get up and walk around with the 3DS?


masterofpwnage3968d ago

he meant is that having the same technology as 3ds into the 3dtv would be stupid, because
is like this
you move around the ds and what he is trying to say is if we put the same technology in 3dtv we will have to move around just to see the 3d.

360Defender3968d ago

I think the word you are looking for is retarded. Oh the irony..... I think you might want to reconsider your user name.

n4gno3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

"anyone who says we should have 3d tv screens like that the 3ds has is retarded"

it's true.

how can they compares real 3D (sony, theaters/avatar ones), with (oh wait, i know, i've seen so many dumb statement since 2006, fanboyz downplaying all real values and inovations, it's just another one "bluraaay is dooomed" "ps3 is doomed" etc :)

by the way ""/edge /kotaku/gizmodo/and others retards, or ms employees, are pathetics :)

zodiac9093968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

masterofpwnage said:
you guys are retarted
he meant is that having the same technology as 3ds into the 3dtv would be stupid, because
is like this
you move around the ds and what he is trying to say is if we put the same technology in 3dtv we will have to move around just to see the 3d.

yes that is that i meant and i assumed everyone else would know thats what i meant.

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DlocDaBudSmoka3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

i tried one today at bestbuy, just to see if id be interested. and all i can say is WOW!!! it was so awesome, i actually thought i was gonna get splashed with water from their demo movie. As soon as i have the money. 3D here i come. prices seemed pretty good also. was a 50" for $2199.99. not too bad i thought.

gynecologistcobra3968d ago

Add in $200 per set of glasses. Not knocking your own opinion, but you should know that. Most people tend to not realize.

"I actually thought I was gonna get splashed with water from their demo movie."

This is the kind of situation in which I feel like a face palm is proper.

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