Saints Row 3: Interesting First Details

Sanii Mandred from TheGamerAccess runs through the first Saints Row 3 gameplay information

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Sanii3970d ago

Lets hope they stick to the awesome customisation.

farhsa20083970d ago

There was only 1 sandbox game in 2008 which wasn't a letdown and THIS was it!

player-13970d ago

Farcry was great apart from driving around forever.

adamx3970d ago

Sorry thier was a bunch of ghetto shit in it for you.

T9X693970d ago

GTA San Andreas was ghetto as hell, but IMO the best open world game even to this day.


CellularAutomata3970d ago

GTA4 was too realistic. You could easily trip over anything. Then Nico would take forever to get up. Also, no mission checkpoints. Thats what made me stop playing it.


multipayer3970d ago

I think GTA4 is better, but only when its running on capable hardware that can push more than 15 frames per second (ie pc). If you only had a console, I can understand why you would enjoy saints row more, its not a laggy POS. Which coincidentally SR2 is a horrible port to pc and a laggy POS.

CellularAutomata3970d ago


I mostly use my PC for rts, simulation, and crysis.

Megaton3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

More laughs and mindless fun were to be had in Saints Row 2, by a long shot. GTAIV went all serious, where SR2 didn't take itself seriously at all. Worked out better for SR2, IMO. Plus I absolutely love the amount of customization they allow in SR2. You couldn't customize shit in GTAIV. Rockstar stepped way back from San Andreas on that.

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StarCSR3968d ago

Give me GTA 4 above Saint's Row any day... But that's just taste :)

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Kingdom Come3970d ago

But still, it's starting to sound like it's on track to become a lot more of a unique franchise, I think the only problems with the franchise as of yet is its lack of depth and its Gangsta root's. It looks like one of those is set to be fixed, as for the depth issue, that was down to the lack of a speaking protagonist, hopefully this issue will be dealt with in the Third Installment of the game, however this should be done whilst keeping the great customisation...

NarooN3970d ago

I don't get those last sentences. In SR2, your character would never shut up.

ReBurn3970d ago

I loved the first Saints Row. I haven't played Saints Row 2, but I should since it's cheap now. Need to get through it since they're building a third one.

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