Atelier Totori screens run for the weekend

Scrawl: "To help liven up the weekend’s rather dead news flow, a batch of eighteen new Atelier Totori: Alchemist of Arland 2 screenshots have been sent on this morning."

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Canary3961d ago

Alchemist of Arland 1 is Atelier Rorona, right? Kind of confusing. Then again, the relation of all the atelier games has always escaped me.

Ah, well. Nothing like a good, light-hearted JRPG with a good combat system, good music, and quirky humor. Shame Rorona was delayed. At this rate, it'll be two years before we see Atelier Totori--hell, we may just see Final Fantasy Versus XIII and a Persona 5 before then.

pippoppow3961d ago

After all this time J-Devs still do not translate a game during development. Been wainting for more Japanese games to come out here in NA. Just ordered Neir and will get Atalier Rorona. Need more quality Japanese games to come out.

sam22363961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

You bought Nier? You've just wasted your money.

I'm playing through it myself and, imo, it's extremely boring and bland. I'm thinking about taking it back to the store and getting a refund.

Canary3961d ago

Nier gets ridiculously epic. One of the best RPGs this gen, if you can forgive the shoddy jumping animation.

@pippoppow: Of course they don't. How many western developers do you see translating their games into Japanese as they develop? It'd be a foolish thing to do... because until a game is released, no one knows how well it will sell, and if your game sells poorly, you don't want to have already wasted money translating it.

sam22363961d ago

I'm about 5-6 hours into it and all I've been doing are gathering quests and collection quests. The story has barely even advanced!

IMO, it's a pretty dull game. Maybe my expectations were a bit too high? It's by Square Enix after all.

Canary3961d ago

...That's your own fault. Of course the story won't advance if you spend all of your time doing OPTIONAL stuff. What did you expect? At the very least play to the point where Kaine joins the party. That's a pretty damn epic boss fight. And the boss fight at the end of part 1 is God-of-War-epic. Moreso, I'd say. And part 2... it's incredible.

tl;dr don't complain about the game's story if you haven't actually played through more than an hour of story material.

And for the record, it's only published by Square Enix. It was developed by Cavia, the same people who made the PS2 Drakengard games.