Super gaming console only did everything...except sell

In 1993, most gamers were busy making sweet love to their Super Nintendos and Sega Genesises. The two systems dominated the 1990s. Many companies attempted to challenge the two juggernauts with their own consoles. None, however, were as gungho as Pioneer’s LaserActive.

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T9X693028d ago

That thing is $970!?! Holy balls, I thought the PS3 price at launch was bad but that is just insane.

darthv723028d ago

This thing "IS" a damn fine piece of hardware. HQ movies and games before the "HD" era. I have this machine with the genesis pac. I must say that every game (well maybe not EVERY game) was basically a laserdisc quality game with simple reactive input. Think dragons lair or space ace but using a genesis controller.

In fact, you could actually play back the arcade laserdiscs for space ace and dragons lair (which i have). You couldnt "play" the game but simply watch from beginning to end the entire sequences that comprise those games. Cool none the less. No other laser disc movie players (including other pioneer units) could do that (that i have tried).

I got mine as a store demo from incredible universe (before frys bought them out) at an "incredible" price of $50 for the main unit. The genesis pac was $10. I have seen the turbo/pc engine pacs going for hundreds on ebay and a good friend of mine has it.

I have several movies as well including the best version of star wars eps 4, 5 and 6 made (before lucas went back and ruined them with all that special ed crap).

It is a real shame that the laser pickup unit in mine went bad. Cost me $170 in parts and labor to fix. I could pay for it but now i just like having it in my collection more than anything else. It makes a good conversation piece with my gaming friends. Same goes for my Toshiba SD-2300 NUON dvd player. That one is interesting as well. Think atari jaguar on steroids and plays dvd movies with "extra special" features no regular player could access.

UltraNova3028d ago

WOW almost 1k! In todays standards its approximately $5000!

SaiyanFury3028d ago

The original PS3 price tag was 600 bucks, a high adoption price to be honest. But to adopt the original NEO-GEO was something like 700 dollars. On top of that, the huge capacity cartridges cost nearly 200 dollars a piece. Now we can emulate the things, but back in the day it was hugely costly. I have very little knowledge of Pioneer's CLD-A100 Laseractive system but a near 1000 dollar price tag is completely insane, considering the year was 1993. That equates to an insane adoption cost, and it's no big surprise it didn't take off. I'd love to see it being used, I guess I'll look to youtube for that exposure.

EvilBlackCat3028d ago ShowReplies(8)
phinch3028d ago

for gameplay on youtube :D

Non_sequitur3028d ago

Laser Disc was a good technology. It had the highest definition of any media format until blu-ray.

darthv723028d ago

digital-vhs wasnt as common as laserdisc was. It was the precursor to dvd and was right after video cd. Not to mention that with d-vhs you still had the issues of rewinding after you watched a video.

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