Jim Sterling's Terrible Bucket List: Mass Effect

"Mass Effect always had promise. BioWare, as a studio, always has promise. Unfortunately, the bizarre gameplay choices never seem to work out well, and the fact they’ve been deliberately engineered that way makes it worse. If it was some sort of screw up, it would almost be forgivable, but BioWare made Mass Effect this way on purpose and thinks it’s good. In fact, loads of people think it’s good, and that’s an awful, awful thing to comprehend. "

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Caspel3033d ago

I'll take Mass Effect over many other sci-fi based RPGs.

Blacktric3033d ago (Edited 3033d ago )

"Unfortunately, the bizarre gameplay choices never seem to work out well, and the fact they’ve been deliberately engineered that way makes it worse. If it was some sort of screw up, it would almost be forgivable, but BioWare made Mass Effect this way on purpose and thinks it’s good. In fact, loads of people think it’s good, and that’s an awful, awful thing to comprehend."

Disgusting fat f*ck. This guy should die by the worst f*cking way.

Edit: He'll probably write a new article named "Jim Sterling's Greatest Bucket List: KFC" in the near future.

Studio-YaMi3033d ago

Just because you don't like what he says doesn't give you the least right to wish him dead,that's just wrong dude..

You people really need to chill out jeez...
The guy says something bad about your "game" and it's like he blow up a freakin country.....*sigh*


Blacktric3032d ago

Oh look we got a "humanitarian". I dare to ask you; what is the greatest thing you did for a human? Probably nothing. You are just like the others in N4G who keeps trying to prove themselves worthy to get some more bubbles. I didn't really meant what I said there for God's sake and you are sitting in front of your computer and trying to give lessons about humanity to me. You and Jim Sterling has so much in common. If you know what I mean this time...

Bereaver3032d ago

I read some of his comments, and picked up very clearly that he's a prick. (jim sterling) that is. He started reforming his self but it's too late for that in my books.

HolyOrangeCows3033d ago (Edited 3033d ago )

I can understand what people like about the Mass Effect series, but honestly, I agree with what Jim said. The combat and AI aren't that great at all, the story could have addressed things in a more deep and meaningful way, and the vehicle sections are annoying.

kneon3033d ago

I agree, I absolutely hated the combat. Way over complicated, trying to use the tactical hud is a pain and ruins any sense of immersion there may have been. But the main problem with the combat is that all that extra crap is pretty pointless. I just played the entire game with a pistol, including the entire final boss battle. But that was a pretty simple boss battle as far as such battles go. Rarely did I bother with anything else or even give orders to my useless crew.

XactGamer3033d ago (Edited 3033d ago )

You agree with him because you are a Sony fanboy and most likely never played the game. In other words stop being a poser and trying to convince everyone on N4G your not a troll. I think by now everyone knows the names of the worst of the wost and you're on that list.

On topic I played both on my PC and even though they are really different games I still loved both equally. I have no idea what they play like on the 360 but I assume the gameplay is the same. Mass Effect is a sci-fi action RPG with a fantastic story.

HolyOrangeCows3033d ago (Edited 3033d ago )

If that's what you have to tell yourself about my opinion to sleep tonight...

You can all cry fanboy, but all of what I said is reasonable. I didn't like the combat, I thought the Ai was bad, the themes could have been more deeply explored, and the vehicle sections are annoying filler.

mastiffchild3033d ago

No, I'm not the biggest ME fan in the world(and actually prefer the first game by a tiny margin if I'm honest)and though Jim touches on one or two tangential points there simply isn't enough there to warrant the article.

Sadly, the reason for the piece isn't the game, isn't even gaming but, as ever with this guy, his own self importance. FFS he even shoehorn's his name into the damn headline! He constantly plays the controversy card in the simplest ways imaginable-by knocking well respected and well loved games(ME and AC2 off the top of my head this year alone) or by hitting berries with sledgehammers and riling a certain set of fanboys(pick and choose, Jim isn't picky who he uses to buff his gargantuan ego!)with something facile and pointless.

I used to be content when it seemed the guy was restricted to just D'toid but these days he's popping up everywhere with articles that make you wonder whether games journalism will ever drag itself out of the morass of the mediocre. This week I've seen him three places-GR, here and somewhere else that I can't recall) and only once was he actually talking about things fairly and in a way that didn't make me feel he was massaging his ego for lulz.

Maybe, if this was N'Gai Croal or someone similar I'd take it a bit more seriously but as it's a habit article from a constant repeat offender like Sterling(I even remember a GR article he did about what films would make great games where 90% of his ideas appeared to be "inspired" by those of the posters when GR previously asked them the same question! I recall this because a couple he suggested had been mooted by myself(and probably others too) in the earlier thread! Whether he'd cribbed or not is neither here nor there(I can't quite think he actually did) as he should have researched it well enough to avoid the issue entirely beforehand anyway.

In short, I don't take anything he writes seriously and am of the opinion that he's just far more interested in how great and clever he thinks he is than with games or informing his readers about the matter at hand. That he does it so haphazardly and cack handedly just makes it worse and shows zero respect for those reading the tripe he spouts. His brand of trite controversy hounding for notoriety isn't EVEN new or clever and as the guy has actually got some decent writing talent in him it's all the more sad. Stop caring so much about your bloody image , Jim, and one day you might earn the respect of a lot more gamers. Wasted talent is one thing but talent abused l;ike this makes me really wonder. I've seen enough of his articles like this and that's the sad truth.

How he fools chains of editors into publishing the twaddle is the big mystery here. Anyway, whether you happen to love Mass Effect or not I wouldn't read anything into what's said here as there's very little assurance that he really means it anyway-he's just slagging a game he knows a lot of gamers like to get hits and a reaction so he feels big. I'd go as far as to say I've fallen into his trap by writing this but, rest assured, it's the last time I knowingly read anything he's written(let alone write about it myself) until I hear he's started using his talent for something other than self promotion.

I was once told that you're never bigger than the topic you write about and it's the kind of humble attitude missing from JS and, sadly, a lot of current game writers both with and without raw talent with a pen.

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Galaxia3033d ago

Mass Effect 1 is one of the best Sci Fi RPG's ever. Stop trolling Jim! How the hell are Bioware overrated?

Marceles3033d ago

Yeah I agree, I really liked the first Mass Effect despite the technical side. Mass Effect 2 cleaned it up, but made the game less complex in the process...I liked how complex the original was but both are great games.

Galaxia3033d ago

I was disappointed in ME2 at first, I wasn't a fan of all the changes either. But after a while I realized the game was great fun on it's own right. ME1 and ME2 are both great games, but I prefer ME1 personally, I like the complexity and non linearity, over a more robust shooting mechanic.

KOTOR was even better than both ME's though, one of if not the best RPG's ever I think. Everyone should play it at least once.

Have yet to play Dragon Age, but I will soon. I love Bioware.

Mista T3033d ago (Edited 3033d ago )

I recommend that people play mass effect 1 on pc because of the frame rate problem on 360 and the screen tearing. but mass effect 2 completely solved those problems and is amazing on both platforms.

Darkstorn3033d ago

Knights of the Old Republic > Mass Effect

asyouburn3033d ago

exactly what i was thinking

mobijoker3032d ago

If i hate a single thing about gaming industry,its this sterling
guy.I have a feeling that he bashes all the great games to get hits in his site.He knows nothing on rpg and bashes them as he does not like the idea of character building.He gives marks to popcorn FPSs.
He gave AC2 4.5.That shows his credibility.

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Ryan2206943033d ago

Mass Effect 1 is one of my favourite games ever. Changing things in number 2 was rather annoying making it not as good gameplay but also the story seemed to always go good then boring then good etc. Mass effect 2 is still a good game but the ending completly ruined it in my opinion.

sombrero3033d ago

I liked Mass Effect 1... just finished Mass Effect 2 and was extremely disappointed.

vermontffl3033d ago

I liked ME2, so I went out and bought ME1. That game was boring and the combat sucked. As a matter of fact a lot of Bioware games suck. Dragon Age I thought was gonna be great and true to form that sucked. Don't worry brother we are out their sharing your pain.

mistermostyn3033d ago

Sorry Jim, you're so wrong it's simply "an awful, awful thing to comprehend."

lanmanna3033d ago

BioWare makes good games. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic was one of my favorites.

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