Why Do We Want 3d Gaming?

Ripten: "Increasingly in the world of entertainment, 3D is everywhere. What used to show up as a gimmick to sell tickets to an otherwise terrible movie is now included in nearly half of the Hollywood releases this summer. E3 this year featured Nintendo and Sony both revealing 3D-based systems. 3D TV’s are now on sale at Best Buy. It’s getting easier and easier to get content in 3D. The question: is it really worth it? or is 3D just a gimmick to sell overpriced hardware?"

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Hideo_Kojima3969d ago

Why did we want HD gaming?

It adds to the realism.

deadreckoning6663969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

Who is "We"? I sure don't want 3D for my PS3.

1. It's expensive

2. It makes my eyes hurt. I'd like to actually see my grandchildren when I get older.

@Silver Slug- Having the option is nice..but what concerns me is how seriously Sony's taking this. I have friends who STILL don't have HDTV's..AND they game on the PS3.

"Is not only Sony, it is also Phillips, Samsung, Panasonic, and a lot more Companies making 3DTV's."

But Nintendo and Sony are the ones pushing 3D gaming.

SilverSlug3969d ago

Is get a gf now. JK

I agree to an extent. I would not mind movies when TVs go down in price, but gaming is not something I see myself needing.

Though I'm 100% happy that we get a free update to take advantage of it. Even if I don't want/need it now, I know someone here would want it.

PopEmUp3969d ago

yeah it's expensive, but in the future it will be affordable just like HDTV, btw if you never try something new just like your friends, no offense man/woman they still living in the past lol

SQWERCH3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

there is a push for 3d are
1) movies companies are loosing alot of money from the internet and they are trying to attract them to the theater.
2) Tech companies like Sony have there fingers in the movie business and they are trying to bring 3d in the home as well for the same reason, piracy. The websites cant show the movies online in 3d.
3) Its gameing and movies natural evolution or next step but i must say piracy is probably the biggest reason for 3d.
4) its to sell more tvs thats why you heard someone in sony say that they are going to try to use the ps3 to push 3d the way it pushed bluray.

ABizzel13969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

I think Fergie and her daddy said it best.

"If you don't got no money take yo broke @$$ home."


Genesis53969d ago

I only want it because I like it.

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sikbeta3969d ago

Cos 3D Gaming is Freaking Awesome, that's It...

greeneggsnsam3969d ago

Because Sony tells us we want it :[

greeneggsnsam3969d ago

Sony are pushing it so much because they want to sell those 3D tvs.

Hideo_Kojima3969d ago

I wanted 3D in everything the moment I watched Bolt in 3D with the polarized glasses.

Avatar was when the majority of current 3D lovers started to want it.

CrzyFooL3969d ago

Bolt? Really? that's what did it for you? lol

playstation_clan3969d ago

how about nintendo.
I like 3D, if it wasnt for expanding technology, you guys still would be playing on a black and white tv

BYE3969d ago

I like Nintendo's approach, even if it's "a worse form of 3D" like some Sony fanboys say.

But at least Nintendo know what customers want, they don't mess with glasses.

tontontam03969d ago

haha worst form of 3D

actually I think it's the next step in 3D

according to what I have read the 3D tech in 3DS is only effective because it has a small screen.

We have to wait a little longer for large screen 3D TV without the glasses.

sagapo3969d ago

3D without glasses is the way to go. Bying a 3D TV wich needs glasses is a waste of money.

Focker-4203969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

You have to sit directly in front of the 3.5" screen and not move at all otherwise you lose the image. Thats why its the worst 3D.

I personally would rather wear glasses and sit comfortably instead of sit like a statue to try and play a game.

sagapo3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

what you say is true (according to the story's from E3 about the 3Ds)
but don't you always look straight at the screen with a handheld??

If this technologie would find itself to TV's, I'm pretty sure the view angle will be a lot better.
One of the early LCD screens got a blurry like image when viewed on certain angles. Today this issue is as good as gone. I'm confident it will go the same way for 3D without the glasses, in the very near future even!

greeneggsnsam3969d ago

Yeah I agree. 3DTVs won't catch on I don't think, but without glasses the 3DS will do well.

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ALFAxD_CENTAURO3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

Is not only Sony, it is also Phillips, Samsung, Panasonic, and a lot more Companies making 3DTV's.

And when a lot of Companies is making 3DTV's like Sony. Is because is gonna be successful, giant Companies like this can't be wrong.

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CrzyFooL3969d ago

I do too, kinda? I mean its cool right now, but I think it will grow old pretty quickly.

CrzyFooL3969d ago

I really dont care for 3d, the 3ds looks cool but other than that it makes me sick lol.

Dellis3969d ago

TVs with 3DS tech>>>>>>&g t;this wearing glasses crap

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