inFamous 2: Taking Cues From Uncharted 2

NowGamer: The new gameplay footage of inFamous 2 reveals a few of the ways in which Sucker Punch intends to polish the super-hero sequel - and more than a few nods to Naughty Dog's Uncharted 2...

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jimmins3960d ago

Gameplay looks awesome, awesome, awesome. Could be the best sandbox super-hero game yet...

Hideo_Kojima3960d ago

What better sandbox superhero do you know than the one in Infamous 1?

jneul3960d ago

none of the games you just mentioned even holds a candle to infamous....

brazilianbumpincher3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

with regards to the article,graphically,camera wise and even main protagonist wise ...yes i see inspiration from uncharted 2

the leap from the first one is as staggering as the leap from uncharted to uncharted 2, and to be honest this gen ive only seen sonys first party devs outdoing their previous efforts by large margins,sonys first party devs may all be friends and share tech but the rivalry is fierce which is great for us gamers

Downtown boogey3960d ago

I used to be GODLY at a sandbox at the nearby park.

-Alpha3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

Crackdown and definitely Batman Arkham Asylum have been as good if not better than inFamous in terms of being a (sandbox) superhero game.

However, this is exactly what I thought about the iNFamous 2 trailer, it's going to do for Sucker Punch what Uncharted 2 did for Naughty Dog.

It just has that Uncharted 2 feel where you know it's going to be something special. It has all the right makings to be GOTY and it's going to put Sucker Punch on the big boys map.

It's now clear to me why they changed Cole's character-- to make him likable, cool, and to give him the vibe that fits in with that universe they are creating. The New Orleans style, the dark city, the neon glow of the night, it's all so savvy looking. This has become my most exciting game over Killzone 3 for 2011 now.

brazilianbumpincher3960d ago

is not to have acquired sucker punch yet, if they go multi to me that would be as big as if naughty dog had gone multi

Joule3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

First inFAMOUS got better reviews than Crackdown.

nveenio3960d ago

Sometimes you're spot on, and sometimes you're absolutely nuts. Today, you're absolutely nuts. To say that Crackdown or Batman:AA gives you even close to the feeling of UBERPOWER that inFamous 1 does is just insane. First of all, in Batman, you don't have super powers. You have gadgets. That kind of pulls it out of the same category as inFamous, if you ask me. Also, it's not even a Sandbox game. Sure you can travel to different parts of the global map whenever you'd like, but missions were simply corridor after corridor.

And Crackdown? Seriously? Crackdown? No one gave a crap about that game until the inFamous/Prototype debut. When people played inFamous, they finally realized how cool Crackdown COULD have been. And that's why people care about Crackdown 2...and that's the only reason. Unfortunately for the C2 team, if inFamous 2 has ANY form of multiplayer, 360 exclusive owners are just going to feel left out......again.

JoySticksFTW3960d ago

Unless you are talking about Crackdown's multiplayer aspect separating it from inFamous.

Other than that, inFamous' narrative and characters make it better. Crackdown's narrative and character development was non-existent

The gameplay for both are pretty similar though... building climbing, the orb collecting, growing abilities

It's just the Agent can ride vehicles and has guns, while Cole gets lighting

Batman:AA I'll give to you though. It has the gameplay AND the story to compete with inFamous.

NecrumSlavery3960d ago

Arkham isn't a sandbox game. It's an exploration adventure similiar to bioshock and metroid prime. You can't roam everywhere until you unlock abilities. Sandbox games unlock areas in bulk, if they are ever locked at all. Infamous may be more explorational with it's sequel, having the ICE and whatever new powers may come.

Nike3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

There's no point in trying to find "the" superhero sandbox of our time. While inFamous may appeal to some, Prototype would appeal better to others. Some like the story of inFamous better, while some like the character levelling and abilities of Prototype. Hell, truth be told, Ultimate Spiderman and Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction still stand as milestones to what the genre has achieved, both featuring excellent gameplay (though Ultimate Spiderman was pretty short) and abilities (if you want to go by reviews, Hulk is pretty close to inFamous, that too across all platforms - look it up on Metacritic).

So there's no point in saying which is "the best". If there's a great game worth playing, people owe it to themselves to check it out, whether they have the system to play it or not.

Also, Just Cause 2 in a way can be considered like a superhero sandbox. Some of the things you do in that game are just impossible for an ordinary human, though as Alpha stated with AA, JC2 differs in the crazy and innovative ways you mix up your tactics.

Edit: Batman AA is closer to being a Splinter Cell Conviction meets Metroidvania meets lord knows how many other gameplay mechanics-style of gameplay than a sandbox game. However, quality wise? Story and character wise? Batman beats inFamous. Any day of the week, no matter which platform. And as people are excited about inFamous 2, I'm excited for Arkham Asylum 2. :D

brazilianbumpincher3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

'And Crackdown? Seriously? Crackdown?'

'Alpha, cut it out. You know Crackdown isn't as good as inFamous' i duno why i just pictured gary coleman saying it

im just waiting for someone to say 'alpha,crackdown..seriousl y? put the crackdown'

peeps3960d ago

Yeh inFamous did get better reviews but not by much.


inFamous - 85
Crackdown - 83

i'd say you could compare them as being open world superhero reviews with metascores like that, end of the day it's down to individual opinion which u prefer (if of course u prefer 1 over the other)

-Alpha3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

Well if you want to use scores the difference is only like 2% on Metacritic. It's not as if Crackdown is significantly inferior. Geez, make one positive comment about the 360 and you guys go
on uber defense mode, spamming me with disagrees for simply stating Crackdown is considered as good. And since you are using Metacritic, the difference really shows inFamous is not significantly superior, it ultimately comes down to preference. So relax, stop taking everything so offensively. Nike said it best, there is no point in arguing over "Superhero Sandbox" since it's not an actual genre.


Hold on buddy, I didn't say Crackdown was better. If you are going by N4G I've never seen any 360 game hyped. So to say no one gives a crap about Crackdown is not only moot but an appeal to popularity. Do you ever see any 360 game hyped here? Crackdown had a fair bit of hype around other sites and it scored just as well as iNFamous-- overall it scored an 83 over inFamous scoring an 85.

Can't you just chalk it up to preference and stop with the constant "PS3 games are always superior" nonsense mentality? All I said was that Crackdown was seen as a pretty good superhero game too, and I get mad disagrees simply for trying to make people aware of the game. Yet, when inFamous is called "teh best", no one disagrees-- I understand that the majority prefer inFamous here on this site, but I simply bought up Crackdown to show the game has gotten great scores too. There is no need to bash me over trying to bring some sense and trying to show that inFamous isn't the only game that people liked for a superhero sandbox game.

You point out faults in Crackdown to try and diminish it in comparison to inFamous-- let's not act as if inFamous didn't have any.

All I did was bring it up to respond to the guy who asked about other superhero sandbox games. Yet it's as if I committed a crime bringing up a game that challenged a PS3 exclusive in some form. I never said Crackdown was better, just saying that Crackdown was a game that was as praised. The masses here on this site are far too arrogant and insecure to acknowledge anything pro-360. Stop taking everything as a direct attack on the PS3, all I did was bring attention to Crackdown. If the site hyped Crackdown as much as they hyped inFamous then you wouldn't be saying nobody cared, and it's a little unfair to expect and say no one cares for Crackdown when you know the 360 on this site doesn't garner as much attention as the PS3.

I know I'll continue to get disagrees, but again, I'd love to know why bringing it up was such a horrible thing to do, all I did was respond to the guy above me. Crackdown is a liked game. Clearly not on this site, but we all know the politics of how N4G works. Please stop taking the bringing up of a 360 game so offensively, I don't get the hate.

Nike3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

@Alpha: Hmm, let's try an experiment then.

I say Batman: Arkham Asylum is the best superhero game ever made, and completely beats inFamous in every single department (graphics, gameplay, music). If any one has any compelling proof to state why inFamous is better, please do. Does it compete with AA? Definitely. Does it beat AA? Nope, nuh-uh, no way jose.

[email protected]: I for one was amazed at just how bad inFamous 1's graphics were. I mean, the game was hyped so much and it was PS3 exclusive and whatnot (this was after Killzone 2 came out, so even more so). But the game just looked terrible in terms of visuals and was a very underwhelming example of what the PS3 hardware is capable.

That said, I think we can both agree that inFamous 2 looks miles better than 1.

peowpeow3960d ago

@ 1.1.2

"to be honest this gen ive only seen sonys first party devs outdoing their previous efforts by large margins"

Assassin's Creed II I felt was a massive jump over the first, but other than that go Sony! Woop

Marceles3960d ago

off-topic but...alpha...7 bubbles? seriously?

despair3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

@ alpha

wow first time I've seen you get so pissed on these forums lol.

Firstly @Peeps to take metacritic score face value is moronic, if you checked it was 75 reviews for crackdown and 98 for infamous, to get a proper comparison use example sites that reviewed both games not metacritic, hell reviews for both games got perfect scores from some sites and they both had flaws.


firstly you actually said that crackdown and Batman AA were probably on par or better than Infamous as sandbox superhero games, so your argument was not to show crackdown as a good game but actively comparing and make the judgement that they were as good or better than infamous, that is an argument that can garner disagrees legitimately.

i agree with the rest of your comment completely though(the first one) its definitely a step up for the sequel over infamous 1.

Its true that this site is very PS3 biased(strangely opposite to most other sites) and there is to be expected the raving mad fanboys, but your comment of crackdown getting much hype outside this site is erroneous in your interpretation. Crackdown garnered alot of hype because Halo 3 beta was included.

hell i saw alot of sites just saying things like "buy the Halo 3 beta and get a free copy of crackdown" If it wasn't for the beta this game would have been severely under the radar and that would have been a bad thing, especially considering it was a pretty good game.

unfortunately there are a lot of people on this site with a serious chip on their shoulder, and that leads to alot of ignorant behavior. Your arguments are very solid and mostly true in my opinion but others have the right to disagree, even if the reason is petty and immature.

But its not exactly completely biased as from almost, if not, every comment I read of yours, you always go with valid and mostly unbiased points and positions that are usually backed up with logical reasoning, and as a result you have 7 bubbles, that shows you that people agree with what you say and commend you for your contribution...not meaning to sound like a fan or anything just pointing out some observations.

Oh yea x360 games that saw or see alot of hype recently on this site imo...Alan wake, SC:C, Halo:reach, fable 3(not as much), gears 3.

ico923960d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

"Well if you want to use scores the difference is only like 2% on Metacritic"

crackdown was released 2 years prior to Infamous, if infamous was released around the same time as crackdwn it would have scored much higher , And speaking of Crackdown..

Crackdown was a game that nobody really gave a sh1t about it in the 1st place, and like Dispair said the Halo 3 beta is the reason why people bought it, and sadly thats the best i could say about the game, because there are much better sandbox games than crackdown on the market thats my opinion anyway

nveenio3959d ago

Dude...I didn't point out ANY faults in Crackdown. I didn't even say it had any. Don't put words in my mouth, please...that's an arguer's last resort.

-Alpha3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )


I'm not angry, but just a little upset that anytime I make a comment that may slightly favor the 360 in the least bit a red flag goes up and the point of my comment gets ignored.

I said Crackdown is as good, if not better, meaning it's a game that seems on par, and perhaps even better-- I am NOT saying one is better than the other, but I'm pointing out that the games aren't inherently or significantly inferior to each other. In other words, it's down to preference to say iNFamous is the best super hero game. All I did was bring up Crackdown and Batman to a lesser extent to show that these games exist, and that people have enjoyed them, perhaps even more so than inFamous.

As for the Halo beta, why should this take away from the quality of the game? Why is hype being brought into this? All I said was that Crackdown was a superhero game that was as good if not better than inFamous for a super-hero sandbox game. Some people legitimately liked inFamous better, others legitimately may have enjoyed Crackdown. And the reason I got so defensive is because it's typical that anytime I praise a 360 game in any sense that subsequently seems to diminish the PS3 stature in some way, people get upset.


So now sales=quality?

@inveni, I never said that you faulted Crackdown, and if I did I didn't intend to put words in your mouth, so I apologize if that's what it sounded like. But you basically shrugged it off because "nobody gave a crap" about the game, and on a place like N4G that sort of appeal holds no water since 360 exclusives are rarely as hyped.

despair3959d ago


"Crackdown had a fair bit of hype around other sites and it scored just as well as iNFamous"

your words..thats where i got the hype part from and if you look at my previous comment, you would see that I said its a shame that Halo beta, which sad as it is, was the main reason crackdown was on anyone's radar, it promoted crackdown from a sleeper hit to popular...Just saying...

but people really need to lay off on the trolling, flamebait, steath trolling and overall fanboyish die hard no reasoning really seems like its gotten worse and worse recently.

ico923959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

once again you've misunderstood my point, i wasnt playing the sales= quality card, i was simply illustrating the recognition of Crackdown as a game, most people only bought it for the Halo 3 beta im one of them, and like Despair said i actually do remember webistes saying " buy the Halo 3 Beta and get Crackdown for free" honestly when i bought the game i was just buying a Halo 3 demo and some average sandbox game for free, i mean look at Crackdown 2 theres like no hype for the game. the only reason why it got good reviews was because it was like the only decent superhero sandbox game at the time, have you played it lately, it fails in comparison to games like Assassins Creed 2, Infamous and Prototype and once again this is my opinion of the game

-Alpha3959d ago


Right: Crackdown had people talking on some sites, some people were genuinely interested and enjoyed the game.

Sorry, I'm a little confused. I know I said "Why bring in hype" but I'm referring to the comment by the other guy who said nobody cared for Crackdown-- and I see no reason as to why that is relevant in how it was received.

Ripyealip3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

IMO Prototype's Alex Mercer was a bad ass character.the new cole looks lame now.
so id say alex mercer is better

I think Prototype was a better game overall

Tomdc3959d ago

i preferred prototype. Just my opinion. Preferred the powers.

8thnightvolley3959d ago

infamous 2 will be such a phenomenal game and i cant wait to get my hands on it.. i didnt finish infamous 1 coz i had way too many gamess on my hand... 2011 will be well sweet. and i am really glad uncharted2 inspired so many titles to take a big deep into making their AAA games something the gamers want with high level of polish, gameplay, interactivity and of course graphics

kudos to naughty dog..

n4gno3959d ago

@alpha you can't compare old scores and new, and most important, can't compares xbox scoress with superior consoles ones (when you have uncharted, killzone, etc with a 9, others can't have a 9, even if they are a 10 for xbox)

Heisenberg3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

I don't think you need to worry about being ignored dude, you have a shit ton more bubbles than any of us. And on a separate note, who'd you have to jerk off to get 600 bubbs??

Karum3959d ago

Since when was Batman: AA a sandbox game?

An awesome game yes, sandbox not so much

shadow27973959d ago

Now this is just personal preference, but I honestly can't see how anyone can think Crackdown and inFamous are on par in terms of quality. Even with all of inFamous's flaws, inFamous just seems like a vastly superior game to me.

I honestly don't understand the appeal of Crackdown. Heck, I played the Crackdown 2 demo and I still don't understand the appeal. To me, the shooting mechanics are horrible, the story is non-existent, and the graphics are ugly (and I tend to like cell-shading). The whole game feels cheap to me. On the other hand, I have a friend who absolutely loved the first one, and is excited for Crackdown 2. I played the Crackdown 2 demo with him over co-op, and I still didn't enjoy it.

Personally, I'd give the first Crackdown a 6 or a 7. But I'm sure he'd give it at least a 9. So, I guess the moral is: Different strokes for different folks.

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Petro893960d ago

Yet another AAA exclusive for the PS3.

360 has no games.

omi25p3959d ago

yeaa i guess 360 are screwed without games. because they dont have

gears of war 3
halo reach
fable 3
crackdown 2
recently released alan wake, mass effect 2, splinter cell conviction,metro 2033
mmm all AAA as well.
guess they have nothing. dumbass

kingjoker343960d ago

Infamous is clearly taking cues from ND.
Sony first party devs like to compete with each other since they are the best in the world,
who will win?
inFamous 2 or Uncharted 2?

UnSelf3960d ago

win in what?

dont say gfx. it honestly befuddles me how no one and i mean no one ever considers GOW3 as the current gfx king. Have you ppl played the game?

nveenio3959d ago

God of War 3 is absolutely amazing. The graphics on it are simply insane. BUT, there's a lot of inconsistency going on there, too. Uncharted 2 is top-notch from start to finish. You never reach a point in U2 where you go, "Oh, that doesn't look too hot." And I think that's why people praise it. It's not only insanely awesome, but the level of polish is just light years behind everything else.

When I saw Rage at E3, I was impressed, but it certainly needs more polishing, too. The graphics may be awesome, but they aren't consistent throughout. So, even id has some work to do before getting the acclaim U2 has.

DigitalAnalog3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

-End statement

Spenok3959d ago

This first one was already the best sandbox super-hero game yet. So unless the second one sucks (which is highly unlikly) then never the less Infamous still holds that title.

sid4gamerfreak3959d ago

Stop enlightening these ps3 fanboys by even mentioning a 360 exclusive. I completely understand the point ur trying to make, but this is not the appropriate site to do so. Not only will they not listen, theyl keep finding faults of a 360 exclusive completely oblivious at the fact that their beloved infamous also had many faults.

Dont enlighten these ps3 fanboys. Dont tell them the right thing. They dont deserve it.

They are reaching the level of ignorance and stupidity as xbox 360 fanboys without even realizing it

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VersusEM3960d ago

This game does remind me of Uncharted 2, but then again this is a good thing(there shouldn"t be any1 complaining) It would also be cool if they announce mutiplayer.

cranium3960d ago

For me, the Uncharted 2 multi was sub-par. I played it for a few hours, got bored, and never looked at it again. It just wasn't as good as the single player. So if infamous 2 has multiplayer, then I hope it is good enough to compare to the single player experience.

Rich16313960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

I really, really, really, like really want Co-op with Infamous 2, free running around a city, zapping and punching people with a friend will be bonified badass!!!!!!!!

Hideo_Kojima3960d ago

I really loved UC2 Multiplayer.
I liked the climbing and hiding on cliffs it added a lot of verticallity that was not seen in many other MP games.


Infamous 2 could really use MP (whether it is COOP or Competitive) not because the SP is not enough but because it would work so well with the stuff you said.

sikbeta3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )


That's a good sign, Infamous 2 has Uncharted 2 Quality....

SoapShoes3959d ago

On the original teaser trailer for inFAMOUS 2, I downloaded it to my PS3 and slowed it down where it says, "It only does EVERYTHING" and one of the words in that was "Multiplayer".... Now why would they put, "It only does MULTIPLAYER" on a trailer for a game that does not have it???? I think it will have it.

Nitrowolf23960d ago

I saw the gameplay yesterday and thought UC right away
At first i didn't think i like Cole new look but after seeing that i am convinced
This is going to be awesome


Yeah they even took Nathan Drake and made him the main character of the game.

SilverSlug3960d ago


Sucker Punch, Insomniac and Naughty Dog have always shared ideas.

user94220773960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

Just another article made by NowGamer solely for N4G hits. Obviously, of course ;)