FIFA on PS3 gets 3D support; looks "stunning"

In an interview with IVG, Sony Computer Entertainment India country manager Atindriya Bose confirmed that he saw "stunning" footage of EA Sports' FIFA title in 3D at last month's E3.

"I’ve seen games like MotorStorm and WipEout in 3D, and even FIFA running in 3D. They look stunning."

When asked "FIFA in 3D?" to reconfirm, he replied, "Yes, I saw a bit of it. It looks stunning."

This of course, doesn't mean that FIFA 11 won't support 3D on the Xbox 360; just that it will on the PS3

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3D is going better and better with more support of games.

vhero3123d ago

Agreed but if you wanna play it in 3D on 360 better get out your red and blue glasses lol.

Why o why3123d ago

sorry peeps but it seems 3d is here to stay. You're not forced to buy into it so there's no need to complain, b!tch or hate. Let those who can, enjoy.

Snakefist303123d ago (Edited 3123d ago )

Football in 3D cool.

PS360PCROCKS3123d ago

Wow that would be awesome! It's kinda weird though with FIFA, because the camera is so far pulled away from the action outside of replays. Would be interesting to see what they accomplished with it though.

PirateThom3123d ago

They're showing the World Cup in 3D, might be a decent way to check it. Can't imagine it being too deep, for the most part though.

Why o why3123d ago (Edited 3123d ago )

in order for the 3d effect to be apparent the 3d camera hight is lowered. It doesn't compensate for the depth you get from the normal, higher camera angle. Its just like people overlapping people and it detracted from the enjoyment for me....definitely a gimmick in that sense.

The Great Melon3123d ago

I haven't ever seen any football in 3D, but one of my biggest gripes with watching the sport on TV is that once the ball goes up in the air, I can never tell where it will land. If 3D can allow you to have a better feel for where it might land, it will be a success to me.

TotalPS3Fanboy3122d ago

I always have that problem too, when playing Fifa. I have to look for the ground marker to know where the ball will be landing.

With 3D, it'll be easier to see where it'll land. Cause know you can actually see the depth.

jay23123d ago

God! I throught we at Europe were backwards, India DON'T even have the PSN store!

fossilfern3122d ago

europes not backwards we just get shafted :D even though its were companies make most of their money but we just seem to take it

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