No plans to release Ghost Trick on DSiWare

Gamerzines writes: "Phoenix Wright Director Shu Takumi has told gamers not to anticipate a downloadable version of his upcoming game Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective."

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kidnplay3033d ago

It's a shame that there's no DSiWare plans - for a digital distribution platform like DSiWare to succeed, it needs developers to embrace it, not shy away.

raiden_933033d ago

It could work on DSiWare. I imagine they would take an episodic route similar to the one that Phoenix Wright saw when it was released on WiiWare this year.

Cajun Chicken3033d ago

Good, that means people can PLAY it.

SpoonyRedMage3033d ago

Why would there be? This is a big, meaty retail game.

I wouldn't mind seeing more Capcom support though.

Stealth20k3033d ago

DD is worthless. Glad its physical

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