Microsoft Says New 360 Created a Significant Sales Spike

Microsoft stated today that the launch of the redesigned Xbox 360 led to a "significant sales spike" for the console. The company didn't provide any data to support its claims, but if weekly hardware sales out of Japan are any indication, Microsoft isn't just tooting its own horn.

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ClownBelt3963d ago

Sure. I bet it did. New tech are always like this.

basicsameh5143963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

PS3 slim was doing 37,167 before slim released.

1st week 105,931

2nd week 164,166

360 was doing 49,828 before s released

1st week 129,325

2nd week 170,000

did i mention the 360 beat the wii this week worldwide : 0

remember the u.s was ps2 crazy but they couldn't afford a ps3

PoSTedUP3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

what do sales have to do with anything. i think i grew out of debating sales a long time ago. wii's killing em', sonys catching up, MS are doing good. and... thats all there is to say really.

sales: Nintendo Wii & DS
games: PlaySstation 3
great hardware: XBOX 360

: o

edit: @basicsamah- hmm interesting... how much money did you profit? what ever the amount was, i am happy for you : D.

WAR_MACHINE773963d ago

Those numbers honestly disappoint me. I would have thought the 360s would have sold way more than the PS3 slim given that the US is 360 strongest market and PS3 weakest.

Donny3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

The only brain that would exist in his head would belong to a fly that would be buzzing around in it.

jneul3963d ago

it's only fair when you use american sales only / s
ps3s did 500k ww
360s did 225k ww
so yeah 360 really outsold the ps3 / s

secksi-killer3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

where di you get those WW sales figures from?? and can you post a link please

obviously the people who agreed with you have seen those to... could someone post them so we can all see them

3963d ago
secksi-killer3963d ago

that is vgchartz and they are just the guesses try again please

jneul3962d ago

@secksi-killer I got my ps3 slim sales from vgchartz here is the original article reporting 500k sales for ps3 slim
this is this weeks sales which is x360 slim release
Console - Americas - Japan - EMEAA - Worldwide
(DS} --- 112,581 --- 64,104 --- 95,119 --- 271,804
(360) --- 169,052 --- 17,104 --- 39,036 --- 225,192
(Wii) --- 80,450 --- 18,864 --- 68,390 --- 167,704
(PS3) --- 52,432 --- 19,987 --- 52,904 --- 125,323
(PSP) --- 17,074 --- 24,772 --- 35,751 --- 77,597

so when x360s releases in the EMEAA it needs a whle whopping 275k to be on even grounds with the ps3 slim release, spin that if you can

data is taken from vgchartz.

LoydX-mas3962d ago

The PS3 slim released in September (begining of of 4th quarter sales, which always have greatest sales numbers)

PS3 slim release saw a $100 price drop.


Xbox 360 slim released in June (usually poor numbers for electronics)

Xbox 360 slim had NO price drop.

Hmmmmmm, I wonder if the 360 had released with a 25% price drop ($225 retail) if that would have made a bigger impact????? (obvious sarcasm)

Hallmark Moment3962d ago

This article almost suggests msft is making the good news up. I can't even find a 360s to buy in my city gamestop has them back ordered until the end of April. The 360 will start outselling the Wii when Kinect releases.

evrfighter3962d ago


you can't use VGchartz when it doesn't benefit Sony. Otherwise it's lolfake, Didn't you get the memo?

Anon19743962d ago

So Microsoft starts blowing out their old hardware after 5 quarters of back to back, year over year declines, and we're supposed to believe that this is due to their new hardware and not the sales of the old hardware, and that this is the start of some sudden shift in sales?

Tell you what, Microsoft. Let's see how you do over the next six months. If 360 sales manage a huge recovery, crow all you want. As it sits right now, according to your official data you're getting walloped, and have been all year.

This hasn't been the first time you slashed the price of your console and then experience a brief sales surge that petered out shortly after. When the new 360's outsell the PS3 head 2 head at the same price, then you have something to talk about.

I'm not holding my breath.

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Newtype3963d ago

It's not really 'new' tech.

Karum3963d ago

It's not exactly new tech, it's the same tech in new packaging with a couple of added features.

Perjoss3963d ago

people are missing the point just a bit. Those kinds of sales for xbox360 in japan are fantastic news for microsoft, regardless of how much the other 2 consoles sold.

NewZealander3963d ago

im looking at getting a xbox 360 s when it releases here, but im interested to know what, if anything, is preloaded on the HDD when you get it, any full arcade games or demos? anyone whos got one pm me and let me know:)

3963d ago
outrageous3963d ago

M$ plans on releasing a new xbox in November as a bundle with Kinect. M$ has said that they expect to move 5 million Kinects this holiday season. Big numbers and big talk. Still 5 months before launch and both Sony and M$ have some surprises to they say.

The perfect storm will be this holiday season. Sony is launching first in September, but make no mistake, the industry is waiting to see what/how the consumers react to Kinect. It could possibly be the biggest launch, next to the Wii, that this gen has ever seen.

poopface13962d ago

with all the CRYING and SPINNING going on.

SixZeroFour3962d ago

i get the spinning part, but i dont get what crying has to do with washing machines...prolly shouldnt have emphasized on that

playstation_clan3962d ago

the new xbox (so you say, really it should of been the xbox to come out in 05, but let me get back on topic) didnt outsell the ps3 in Europe and japan(which it increased 800%)

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Newtype3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

whats with the reposts......

The sales in Japan is from Monster Hunter Frontier, not the 360 S......

basicsameh5143963d ago

were not talking about japan were talking about worldwide

Tony-A3963d ago

As would every new hardware.

RememberThe3573963d ago

The 360 was in need of a little jump. If I had some spare cash I would pick up a 360S.

Chromer3963d ago

MS snagged either new buyers or people looking to upgrade. I applaud MS's ability to market the 360S as something new when it's basically a PS3 version of the 360. Even the button to turn the damn thing on is touch sensitive like the phat PS3s. Just wish people researched more about things instead of going, "Ooh! Shiny new 360!"

Basil-Rathboner3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

'it's basically a PS3 version of the 360'

Minus the blu ray
Minus the FREE web browser
Minus the Cell architecture
Minus the FREE online
Minus the 21 first party developers

However with 360 you get the added bonus of scratched discs, RDOD, a big juicy power brick, paying for batteries for the controller and the opportunity to prance about like a t!t playing with your big red balls in a white poncho.

Its only 2010 keep trying Microsoft and perhaps one day you will catch up with Sony's 2006 technology.

betrayed gamer3963d ago

i believe the slim comes with a rechargeable battery pack and cord. also most 360 bundles except the arcade come with it, and at least you can easily change the battery for the controller with out opening it. so using the battery as a minus for the 360 is pointless, and as for the disc scratching who moves their system while the disc is spinning? everything else is more or less agreeable.

Basil-Rathboner3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

Controller has battery life of 30 hrs on 2 AA batteries. Recharge pack bought separately.
"Who moves their system while the disc is spinning?" -- A mother doing the cleaning, a little brother or sister or it may get bumped and knocked over or into during a robust game of Kinect with young children running about the living room an idiot friend, accidents can and do happen. DVD's are a hell of lot more prone to scratches than blu ray.
So those 2 points still stand.

Xeoset3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

Your points are moot. It is a PS3 version of the 360 BY DESIGN.

And onto your points:

- If people wanted to pay extra for Blu-Ray, they would by a PS3, hence why they choose the 360.
- Personally, I'd rather have no browser than a terrible one.
- Well, the PS3 doesn't have the Xenon/Xenos architecture.
- Again, persoanlly, I'd rather pay for an amazing experience than have an average one.
- That all spout games that one person may not care for, but would rather enjoy Forza, PGR, Halo, Gears, Viva Pinata, Kameo, Crackdown, Lost Odyssey, Fable, etc.

tl;dr, Grow up.

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