Call of Duty Crosses Half Million Mark (in Japan)

FPS games don't sell to Japanese gamers? Tell that to Square Enix!

Square Enix celebrates by promising to slash prices on Modern Warfare 2... in September!

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Newtype3062d ago

Wow, Square is a better publisher than Activision. Slashed the price already. Over here it's still at full retail price.

feitclub3062d ago

Games in Japan usually experience a sizeable price drop after a few months to stimulate sales. Activision doesn't need to do that in the US because nothing stops people from buying Call of Duty. Hell, the CEO once talked (jokingly?) about raising the price - just because.

Rainstorm813062d ago

yeah id question that joke as well, not only does he want to raise the price but he also wants the game to be subscription based.

gtamike3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

The Japs just knows it's a bad game and it is.

whitesoxfalife3062d ago

You went out and bought it ....didn't you "gtamike" mw2 is not a bad game at all stop bashing so hard to get ya points up

gtamike3061d ago

Played MW2 at friends house was ok, it's over hyped.

TheGameFoxJTV3062d ago

Joke my ass. The PC version was $10 more than it should have been. lol THEY DID raise the price.

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Kors3062d ago

The link you have given does NOT mention that Square Enix is cutting prices for Modern Warfare 2 in Japan. So this story is NOT a duplicate!

HarryM3062d ago

It's covering the same topic SO IT IS.

whitesoxfalife3062d ago

the link KORS it does talk about it at the end of the article

Kors3062d ago (Edited 3062d ago )

The Japan price cuts news wasn't there in Examiner's article originally when this article was submitted.

Examiner edited the article to include that info.

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wissam3062d ago

Very good for non Japanese game. but mw2 was not a great game.

whitesoxfalife3062d ago

who said the game had to be great!! but the game was very good and fun it did what it was suppose to do, if you ask me.... name a game that is "great" beside uncharted 2 god of war 3 halo series but these aren't great too right?

peowpeow3062d ago

Sure to me it'd be great if MW didn't exist but It's just hard not to feel like random perks and weapons have been tacked on, with the same style (also very short) campaign.

I just replayed ME2 and Assassin's Creed 2 and I must say, they are GREAT games

wissam3062d ago

You really got a good point here. I was not offending the game.

3062d ago
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