Stylish FIFA 11 Packshot unveiled

Electronic Arts has unveiled the official and stylish Packshot of FIFA 11 ...


This is only a Placeholder and not the final Design!

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I_find_it_funny3970d ago

Bundesliga logo, why? It's probably German-only, I don't want it.

XXXCouture3970d ago

its a german site, showing the german version of the box art. ofcourse theres a bundesliga logo on the front

Hades13373970d ago

Looks too plain, and where's rooney?

DelbertGrady3970d ago

He's talking to the press telling them how they will definitely win the next WC.

Just kidding. He's at home listening to this -

vhero3970d ago

Pack shot for which country?? Each country has a differn't footballer on the front. Also Rooney is not going to be on this years in the UK after the disastrous world cup showing. I hope the guy never shows his face in England again.

chak_3970d ago

they had no more money for image rights?

Theo11303970d ago


Man_of_the_year3970d ago

LOL that's what I thought too.

maverick11913970d ago

its not messi

messi cant be on the cover as hes contracted to PES same with C Ronaldo

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