Super Mario Galaxy 2 Aussie Review

MMGN: Super Mario Galaxy was game of the year in 2007. Yes, it was better than COD4 and anything released on PS3, Xbox 360, PC or handhelds that year. Such an arrogant statement might lead me back to my Nintendo fanboyism of the N64 era, but if you never played the first game, you seriously missed out on one of the finest games ever developed. Since Mario made the transition to 3D there has never been more than one major release per platform. That’s why Super Mario Galaxy 2 was such a shocking announcement. The first SMG was so amazing that it was hard to see where Nintendo could possibly improve it enough to warrant a sequel that would be more than Galaxy 1.5, but rest assured they’ve passed with flying colours. We were forced to wait too long for the Australian release, but now that it’s here we can forget about all that and not let it subtract from what is one of the best games ever created.

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