Lead Programmer from Naughty Dog publishes book; Game Engine Architecture

Ironstar writes; "Jason Gregory, Lead Programmer at Naughty Dog Studios in Santa Monica has just published a new book for game programmers titled Game Engine Architecture. Jason has worked at Electronic Arts and Midway in the past and currently lectures at the University of Southern California."

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jneul3963d ago

Wow I want that book, but maybe I should do my Bsc in Computing first to have a chance of understanding it, I am curently teaching myself how to program games and you can see what I have achieved in a years time on http://hosting.dkt-solution... which is not bad considering I had to take a break for all these brilliant games that keep on coming out, plus I am looking for programmers and artists to join my team, send me an email at [email protected] if you think you are up to the job (voluntary only).

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Theonik3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

You managed to make a 404 page in 1 year? :O
Edit: Yeah your comment showed up after i posted.
On-topic: Also want that book but i doubt i'd be able to find it here.

jneul3963d ago

look at comment below it was the comma i put in the comment that messed it up, take out the comma and it will work

jneul3963d ago

sorry about the link for some strange reason the comma in it messed it up http://hosting.dkt-solution...

NobleRed3963d ago

Should buy the book. Maybe they would achieve the 720p.

Hey Bungie or Remedy wanne try?

wages of sin3963d ago

Can you tell me how many games, and what games on DSi, PSP, PS3, 360, and PC are in high definition and then after that give us a break down of what those resolutions are?

Once you're done with that and realize what a stupid commment you made (and that others will certainly repeat) then explain to us how those resolutions mean little to nothing about how good a game is when you're sitting down playing it. Hopefully by then you'll realise that graphics and in turn resolutions, are part of the formula to a great game; not the be all end all. I've played a hell of a lot more Halo and enjoyed more time with Alan Wake than I did with the Uncharted games; and it's not because of the resolution.

playstation_clan3963d ago

most the sells of the book will be from 360 developers.

*If anyone disagrees: come over here skittles

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KingPin3963d ago

i think valve got the book before it hits bookstores. :P but seriously, this book should be way cool for those interested in getting into game programming. lets hope its for mid levelers as well as the experts :)

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