Worldwide Weekly Chart for Week Ending 26th June 2010

Console - Americas - Japan - EMEAA - Worldwide
(DS} --- 112,581 --- 64,104 --- 95,119 --- 271,804
(360) --- 169,052 --- 17,104 --- 39,036 --- 225,192
(Wii) --- 80,450 --- 18,864 --- 68,390 --- 167,704
(PS3) --- 52,432 --- 19,987 --- 52,904 --- 125,323
(PSP) --- 17,074 --- 24,772 --- 35,751 --- 77,597


1 (Wii) Super Mario Galaxy 2 --- 238,188
2 (Wii) Wii Sports --- 141,830
3 (360) Transformers: War for Cybertron --- 118,640
4 (360) Red Dead Redemption --- 110,668
5 (Wii) Wii Sports Resort --- 94,819
6 (PS3) Red Dead Redemption --- 92,263
7 (360) Monster Hunter Frontier Online --- 87,288
8 (Wii) Wii Fit Plus --- 86,430
9 (DS) Love Plus + --- 80,666
10 (Wii) New Super Mario Bros. Wii --- 77,191

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MiloGarret3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

I think there's reason to get exited, no matter what platform you prefer I think we can all rejoice in the fact that so many gaming consoles are sold weekly in total.

I seldom visit these threads so it's kind of shocking just what a ginormous business gaming appears to be. Gaming FTW!

georgeenoob3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

360 outsold PS3 AND Wii worldwide? Damn.

YoungKiller253963d ago

actually just in america

Now you see how 360 has kept in the race for so long AMERICA; something no Asian Company will ever conquer

nikkisixx23963d ago

Come october/november/holidays PS3 will shoot up because of all the games coming out, primarily GT5.

It will be interesting to see what the 360 are like then.

SpLinT3962d ago

you are clouding your judgment under the assumption that Halo and Kinect don't release. Little will change

Death24943963d ago

it by the countries, that sales bump was mainly due to America only.

absolutecarnage3962d ago

the 360 slim hasn't been released everywhere yet

Dacapn3963d ago

I don't know how people can disagree with a factual statement. I mean...the numbers are right there.

MNicholas3962d ago

Sales increase came at expense of Wii.

Wii hardware and software sales were down.

360 and PS3 hardware and software sales were up.

This means that, unlike last week, the 360 did add more new customers than usual.

Once all the "fat" 360s and bundles have been liquidated, expect things to return to normal.

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Silver3603963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

copies of Wii sports sold and people wonder why Sony and MS are making their own copies of Wii sports. What single game has ever sold that much before? I mean game not series.

milf_sex3963d ago

What single game has been bundled with almost every single console sold ?

Boody-Bandit3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

duck hunt and mario

Omega43963d ago

Even though its VGC no one can deny that the 360 is outselling the PS3 WW now, and even possibly the Wii for a while.

Michael-Jackson3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

True, it looks like only in Americas, it won't last for WW.

Death24943963d ago

Microsoft has sold 20million consoles in america alone. Seems like just more people buying the system they should've gotten on November 25, 2005. Ps3 still outsold it in EU and Japan.

Abriael3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

The 360 has outsold the PS3 for a week, with a new SKU, very convenient trade-in offers (Gamestop had to stop the trade-in offer because they got absolutely flooded with old 360s that they will have lots of trouble in reselling, so the growth in installed base is actually very debatable), and price cuts on the old models.

Hardly surprising, nor any indication of any kind of trend. It's fun how you say "is outselling". You don't really calculate trends over a single week.

Funny thing is that (if we are to believe VGchartz, which is already debatable as hell), they still didn't manage to outsell the PS3 and Wii in Europe and Japan despite it all. That's a pretty mediocre result.

soxfan20053963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

It's really no different from how PS3 supporters say "Sure, 360 may be ahead of PS3 in the U.S., but Japan makes up the difference and then some".

As far as the Gamestop trade in offer goes, that really wouldn't affect the sales numbers. If someone trades in an old 360 for a new one, that is considered a sale, even though it's the same person. Gamestop will then sell the used 360 to someone else, which is not considered a sale as reported by VGChartz or NPD.

However, if there was no trade in, the person who would have bought the used 360 would probably have to buy a new one since supplies of used 360's would be far smaller without the trade-in offer.

It all works out the same in the end.

Boody-Bandit3963d ago

Most of my friends have upgraded to the newer S model. I own 5 360's and even I am considering adding a couple S models. Mostly for the built in wifi and toslink output. Most of my sound processors, for what ever reason, have a hard time auto detecting digital sound from the 360 and start up. It' a pain in the ass to have to manually adjust the audio in console settings before I play games.

IQUITN4G3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

Surely the most amazing thing is that nobody would have predicted where Sony is right now

I didn't rate MS's chances with 360 going against Sony with it's enormous share of the pie- and who honestly would

The truth is Sony hasn't done as well as we all thought it would considering the huge advantage it had

Abriael3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

I saw it coming pretty easily. Releasing a year in advance is a big advantage for any consumer electronic product at the beginning of a generation.

Too bad that to achieve that they had to basically scam their customers by selling them a faulty product, and to keep an obsolete media format that's already starting to bite them in the rear.

I'm actually quite curious to see how many will dare to be early adopter of the next iteration of the Xbox. Personally, I know I'll be very conflicted between wanting to try the newest hardware and the fact that now I know that microsoft is very capable to sell me soddy hardware to gain an undeserved commercial advantage.

It'll be actually interesting from a marketing point of view. A good indicator on how gamers are (or aren't) able to "forgive and forget" something this serious in the span of a single generation.

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