On the Subject of Backlogs

New England Gamer takes some time to discuss the joyous subject of gaming backlogs, how they form, and if the stinking things will ever go away.

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dizzleK3959d ago

i'm curing my backlog by getting new releases from gamefly instead of buying them and not buying so many games at one time. i've actually been able to play through a bunch of games the past few weeks.

DontShoot-Me-Bro3959d ago

I just need a game to tide me over until mafia 2 releases!

stewie328873959d ago

You see, my problem is I like to own things. I can do the Netflix thing just fine, but I have an aversion to renting games. Maybe it's because when I was a kid I never got to anything BUT rent them.

Quagmire3959d ago

Ive got about 20 PS3 games I need to play, a few 360, classic PS2 titles, and many others on PC. Wish I could set aside a whole year for gaming.