Get Silky with New Raven PS3 Controllers

Nyko is back at it again with another peripheral and this time they are bringing out all the stops with their brand new Raven line of controllers for the PlayStation 3. The line, which is being described as silky, will include your standard PS3 layout and a 360 inspired alternate layout. The controllers are set to release this summer at the sweet price of $35 and if your not sold on them yet, check out this awesome video after the break.

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DontShoot-Me-Bro3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

Ahh umm no thanks i think i'll stick with my official sony dualshock 3 controller.

But i guess it will be good for those tards that complain about the Playstation controller because its not like xbox's.

I dunno why i got a disagree, there are those idiots that say 'oh xbox controllers are better for FPS, because the trigger is closer to my finger which gives me the 0000.123 milisecond advantage than the ps3 controler' or whatever the god damn reason why people say it, but atleast now they have no reason to complain.

Newtype3959d ago

It's not that, it's mostly because the PS3 controller is small. Americans like the 360 controller because it accommodates(sp?) their huge hands. PS3 was made in Japan after all and typically have small hands.

NYPunkster3959d ago

large hands? more like fat hands/fingers. lol

MazzingerZ3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

Yeah, Americans are of the world are just I guess there is a special PC mouse for the US and the Xbox chatpad for the X360 controller is of the size of a real keyword, etc

it's known from day one that any excuse is good to bash the DS and glorify the Xbox bash a controller that almost 200 millions had been using since its first version was first released...and award-winning design as well.

Non_sequitur3959d ago

I'm fine with both controllers. My hands are very capable as most human hands are.

Newtype3959d ago

People with huge hands tend to like the Xbox 360 controller over the PS3 controller. Imagine a person with big hands using the PS3's controller, their hands would hurt after long use. I have some friends that don't like the size of the PS3's controller, but love the console.

Don't you guys know why the DS XL was made? Same reason people prefer the 360's size of controller.

DJexs3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

ok kayne apparently your the voice of all Americans.

Newtype I have what my friends refer to ape hands The are huge and the ps3 controller feels fantastic I can barley move my hands and hit every button because the buttons are all so close together but far enough apart where I do not hit unwanted buttons. Where as the 360 controller is so big that the only thing it is good for is a paper weight or training gorillas to run around like assholes shooting ppl with dual shotguns. There got a hit in on MW2 aswell.

O and you have problems with stereotypes didn't you ever learn it is wrong to stereotype it is only one small step away from racism.

RememberThe3573959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

All my homeboys say the same thing; they like the 360 controller because it's bigger and it feels better. Obviously Newtype is not speaking for every single person on earth, lets be real here.

I feel like the 360 controller fits better in my hands but I'm so used to the Dualshock that it's still my preferred controller.

jjohan353959d ago

Not sure why Newtype is getting so much hate for reporting what a lot of my friends say. I personally prefer the PS3 controller more than 360 controller, but the number one complaint I hear is that the PS3 controller is too small for them. This is regardless if they're fat, skinny, tall, or short. Personal preference man, so take it easy.

DJexs3959d ago Show
RememberThe3573959d ago

What are you talking about?

-Alpha3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )


If you are going to childishly call people tards at least make sure you understand why some people say they prefer the 360 controller.

The triggers have much better resistance than on the dualshock, which are designed so puzzlingly. For some reason, they are designed to make slipping easier. It's a common-sense design choice that Sony didn't get. I also believe this was the reason most shooters resorted to using R1 and L1 for shooting instead of the triggers like on the Xbox. Additionally, the controller is bigger, and the analog sticks are depressed in so once again, it's more slip resistant. In fact, look at the Move controller and you see Sony has fixed this mistake with the triggers.

It has nothing to do with millisecond precision, get it straight before you decide to insult people just because they prefer something from the 360. It never ceases to surprise me that anytime the 360 is preferred in some shape or form anyone can get more agrees than disagrees for pretty much resorting to juvenile insults or mocking of a PREFERENCE.

ryhanon3959d ago

Why on earth is this getting everyone's panties in a twist?

So a third party controller is being offered for the PS3 that shares some similarities to the 360 controller, big damn deal. There is no reason to get defensive and snarky about it. I get it, a lot of people like the Dual Shock. They've used basically the same controller for the last 13 years and are very familiar and comfortable with it. It *is* a good controller.

The 360 controller is a good controller too though and, whether you like it or not, lots of people think it does a few things better than the Dual Shock. Personally I'm very fond of both controllers.

With the 360 I really like the offset thumb-sticks as well as the concave triggers (call them R2/L2 if you like, they're still "triggers"), not because of some silly "0.123 millisecond advantage" but because my fingers do not slip off them and because they are more comfortable to hold down for longer periods. The body of the 360 controller also has very few straight edges, which I feel makes it more comfortable in the hands.

With the Dual Shock, I prefer the feel of the convex thumbsticks, the d-pad (let's face it, the d-pad on the 360 controller might as well stand for "disfunctional"), as well as the ability to charge via any USB powered device. I also prefer the lighter weight of the PS3 controller.

The bottom line is, there are good and bad things about both the 360 and PS3 controllers and if you can't recognize that it's because you're a fanboy twit. Frankly, if the two controllers had a sordid affair and spawned a freakish love-child, with the best features of each, I would *love* to get my hands on it.

PoSTedUP3959d ago

buy the separate triggers for ps3 you will thank me ; ), they are concave and fit your fingers perfectly feels so comfortable.

ups for ps3 controller: sixaxis, rechargeable bluetooth wireless, fully analogue (all buttons are pressure sensitive), awesome dpad for fighters.

downs for ps3: ppl complain its to small, triggers, didnt have rumble early on.

ups for 360 controller: triggers are right, came with rumble, its comfortable.

downs for 360: only analogue sticks and triggers are pressure sensitive, needs batteries, also still has cord, Dpad sux

i prefer the ps3 controller, it stayed almost the same for 16 years for a reason.

Elwenil3959d ago

I honestly have never had an issue with the DS3 triggers. I honestly think it has to do with how people hold the controller. Since the original Playstation, I've always held my Playstation controller at about a 35° angle with my wrists very relaxed. At this angle, the R2 and L2 triggers are very natural for me to pull then straight in towards my body. In the last generation, I've noticed that a lot of my friends, for whatever reason, try to hold their controllers very flat. I'm not trying to get in on the 360 vs DS3 controller debate, but if I play a friend's 360, I find holding the controller near flat feels pretty natural, but the offset sticks have always been an issue for me and makes my left hand hurt after an hour or so. When I go back to the DS3, if I try to hold it flat, I find that my fingers do not press on the R2/L2 triggers in a way that follows the arc of the triggers and it doesn't feel very secure. I can play the DS3 like that, but I have to force myself to do it and it feels a little weird. My cousin recently bought a PS3 after playing the 360 since it's launch and had to have the extra triggers added to make the DS3 comfortable for him and he keeps saying that I need them but honestly, I can't play a DS3 with those damn things on there. The ramp on the trigger feels like it's pushing my fingers to bend the wrong way at the joint at the angle I'm comfortable with holding the controller. So rather than buy a $5 add on to the DS3, I would suggest anyone not comfortable with the DS3 triggers change the angle of the controller in their hands so that their finger moves in a more natural arc with the trigger rather than pushing on them at an odd angle and slipping down the face of the button. Just my .02

Hideo_Kojima3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

The advert is so cheese like an advert from the 70s

I like the DS3 anyway I am so used to it that when I go to my friends the 360 controller feels weird.

Gue13959d ago

If you put a X360 controller side by side with PS3 controller you're going to see that both controllers are of the same size... The thing is that the X360 is more ergonomic not bigger.

Another thing is that american is not a race, there's too much diversity and immigrants in America to simply say, "americans has large hands!". Who? The mexican or the asian that lives next to you?

Spydr073959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

You must first understand how stupid people in the world are...see, just by moving to the U.S., a former resident of England is no longer English, their D.N.A. has been tainted so bad and pulluted to the point they no longer represent what they once were. The only word hideous enough to describe them is "American". The same happens with most European and Middle Eastern countries with the inclusion of Australia and some others.

Soon, the hatred for the "American Race" will become so rampant they will work on a spray similar to that of Raid which will eliminate the evil Americans by the millions. It will effectively target and kill them, but Americans are like cockroaches and will keep coming back.

The American race will be hunted to the ends of the Earth until they are completely driven underground never to be seen again. All people who've been affiliated with the evil nation will lose their citizenship and be hanged or killed by firing squad. They may even bring back beheadings and stonings for such an offense.

It is truly a crime to be American.

JumpNPlayBon3959d ago

I have no idea why you idiots are fighting over preference. there is no superior controller, a controller that beats all for everybody. If you are like me and have large hands with long fingers the 360 controller works alot better for shooters, which is why I buy most of my shooters for my 360.

with other games it doesn't make a difference so they get bought for my ps3. simple as that. whoever thought to make r1/l1 the primary triggers are retards in my book. however with the after market triggers the r2/l2 are great for shooters, unfortunate these devs don't even give you the OPTION to switch the layouts around, which is a complete fail in my book.

Arnon3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

No, it's because the 360 controller (like the original Xbox and Xbox slim controller, gamecube controller, Dreamcast controller, etc.) is ergonomic. The thumbs natural position is not what the Dualshock accommodates. As you can see by these images the thumb stick is in the exact same position.

Original Xbox (Ver.1 & 2):
Xbox 360:

All of these support the natural thumb position as shown below:

However, the Dualshock controller has never had this design, and technically, has never been ergonomic.

Spydr073959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

The ergonomics would depend on the game since you're basing it off of the position of the thumbstick. What about games where the d-pad is more effective? Then the PS3 shines. There have been so many arguments over which controller is better, but really, it all comes down to preference.

I'm more accustomed to the Sony's controller than any other, but I wouldn't say it's better. The two biggest flaws I see are the shape of the triggers on Sony's controller and the horrible d-pad on the 360's controller.

Elwenil3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

How in the hell are offset thumb sticks more ergonomic? I don't know about you, but my thumbs are in the exact same place on both hands. So if my hands are a mirror image of each other, why is an asymmetrical designed controller more ergonomic? To me it's all preference and what you are used to but don't try and come up with some BS to justify one or the other in some half-assed scientific way.

Jab-dees-nuts3958d ago

i speak for myself but after playing for a long period of time i kinda get the same feeling i get when i play my psp (not the very same but simliar to the psp hands) idk might be nice to try out for those with larger hands

morganfell3958d ago


You are correct in that it is player preference. Yet you seem to deny that preference to those of us that actually prefer the DS3.

IaMs123958d ago


Well yes 200 million people because half the time they didnt even have a choice if you know what i mean. Xbox came out later and much much later then the PS1... so therefore yes you are correct to a certain extent.
Ive always preferred the Xbox controller but thats just me, they suit FPS a lot better which is the type of game i like to play. But that doesnt mean the PS3 controller sucks.

Its matter of preference thats all who cares. Any article arguing which is better is a fail article.

Spydr073958d ago

The reason MS's controller is considered more ergonomic (for games where the d-pad isn't the primary focus) is because of the placement of the LEFT thumbstick. Like many point out, it IS better designed for FPS games. Why? Because you are going to use the left thumbstick way more than the d-pad. No questions. As such, the left thumbstick is placed more closely to where your thumb naturally rests.

On the DS3, the d-pad occupies that spot and is much better for fighting games or any other game where the d-pad is the primary focus. It is more ergonomic for those games. Hence arguing ergonomics behind a controller is going to keep you talking in circles as one is better for some games and the other will be better for some games.

The right side of the controller is never really discussed or changed because both controllers have done a good job with it. You're not likely to see the right analog stick ever placed higher simply because the vast majority of games will use the buttons either considerably more or barely less than the right stick. Making their placement where your thumb naturally rests the better option. There simply isn't enough demand for it to ever be switched.

Controller preference will ultimately come down to your preference of games and whether or not you truly care about the ergonomic aspect--which I feel most don't. It's more of a fanboy tool than anything. In the end, we like the controller we like because it just feels better to us.

Only real arguments are concave vs convex thumbsticks/triggers, resistance of them, and the d-pad. Other than that, I think it's just fanboy talking reaching for something to make them feel better.

Where did Alpha deny any such preference? He simply, in an objectional matter, defended those who prefer the 360 controller. Read Hasj's comment and see the fanboyness in it. You'll see why.

" there are those idiots that say 'oh xbox controllers are better for FPS..."

Right there says all you need to read. He cannot come up with a decent argument, so he just insults because he doesn't have a full understanding of what he's talking about. The 360 controller, from a purely technical aspect WILL have some advantage over the DS3 for FPS. Tigher resistance and better thumbstick placement along with their concave design would give you more control. Not arguable. It in no way means that it's a big enough advantage to say they are going to beat someone just because they use a DS3. In the end, skill will/would decide.

Example, I play Tekken a lot. Now, from a purely technical standpoint, in terms of tech-traps, damage output, punishment, guaranteed followups,etc., Steve Fox is better than Nina (who I mainly use), but I beat the majority of Steve's I play. Why? Because player skill will trump a slight technical advantage.

So, people need to stop getting so butthurt over MS's controller being better at ____ and the DS3 being better at ____. It's not personal, it's just a fact. Different designs come with their advantages. Play whatever you prefer.

See, Hasj, objectional reasoning. I'm pro-Sony and only own a PS3, but I don't let it blind me into thinking Sony === Teh 1337 and can do no wrong.

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MazzingerZ3959d ago ShowReplies(2)
PoSTedUP3959d ago

its really preference. i like my controller to be symmetrical, have great features such as every button being pressure sensitive and sixaxis etc. the controller has to fit in my hands because they are a little bigger then normal but not funny-looking-huge like some people claim they have that complain about the ps3 controller. they are all rechargeable and wireless bluetooth

360 controller is good to though.

nintendo was always ahead of its time, with the nintendo glove, and the virtual boy? cmon you know it. they had some great ideas.

i use to love the controllers that madcatz made for the ps2 that had fans built in to keep your hands from getting sweaty , i would jump all over a ps3 one. just not as bulky.

f7897903958d ago

The virtual boy was a horrible idea. No thought put into its practical use.

OneSneakyMofo3959d ago

This controller looks like ass.

talltony3959d ago

And I can use the dualshock 3 perfectly for fps or any game. Its not smaller its just shaped differently. The only difference is that you have to hold it differently. I can confirm that their is nothing wrong with the dualshock 3.

ico923959d ago

i find the DS more comfortable than the 360 controler which i find to be big and lunky (if thats a real word)

MNicholas3959d ago

You don't develop what you hope to market as a premium product, attempt to cast a "classy" looking girl, write a decent narration, then film the thing with a $200 camcorder in your basement on a lazy saturday afternoon.

Tomdc3959d ago

i disagreed because your too ignorant to accept another opinion on such a subjective matter.

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sikbeta3959d ago

It looks a lot of like the Gamecube Controller...

Newtype3959d ago

I don't like them...3rd party controllers usually break easy.

EastCoastSB3959d ago

I've never been a fan of 3rd party peripherals/controllers, especially Nyko. The quality just never seems to be there.

PirosThe4th3959d ago

Last time i bought a third party controller was in the psone era...

Then i got an extra one for ps3 because it came with a pack with hdmi and vertical stand. None of them work anymore... lulz

ECM0NEY3959d ago

Just pre ordered alt layout version on amazon. Now shooters will be legit on playstation.

DarkSpawnClone3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

soo , whats so good about the Alternate Layout just,i have used a 360 controller before but its been a long time i forget,why would it be better then the dual shock layout ?

ECM0NEY3959d ago

My thumbs hit each other on the dualshock. I have never been comfortable using it. Dont get me wrong i have owned every PS device at some point in my life but i just delt with the DS which was designed for smaller hands. ie the rest of the world. Also i like having the triggers. Ever since Dreamcast ive been all about the triggers. Also im not a huge fighting game fan. Which the DS is awesome for.

PS: I cant wait to play MAG with this thing.

DarkSpawnClone3959d ago

ahh i see,yeah I'm not a huge fighting game fan my self..i have never had problems with my thumbs hitting each other but i like the shape of the Raven control and i agree with the triggers, every one i know has a problem with the triggers rofl(not saying the ds3 is bad)...hope gamestop/eb games gets the raven ,well thanks for the reply dude

Active Reload3959d ago

Me too A..clown20 ha! I've had my own on these for a few weeks now and I'll be getting one as soon as I get my hands back on a ps3.

mantisimo3959d ago

See my Avatar :)
The triggers are just right.