3DS Games Could Look Better If They Ditch The 3D

According to "developers working on the system", games running on the Nintendo 3DS can look (and perform) even better than those we've seen on one condition: they lose the 3D.

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DJexs3451d ago

Well reports from E3 said it isn't even real 3d there is only peripheral 3d.

and DUHHHHHHHHHH of course it is going to look better because it isn't devoting the energy to 3d.

darkcharizard3451d ago

the 3DS screen's resolution is 800*242, and while using the 3D technology it becomes 400*242 for each eye. It was designed that way. Even my F'ing grammy knows that.

Theonik3451d ago

Tbh, i'd much rather it didn't have 3D. I don't like 3D at all. I find it a waste for something that adds no value to games or movies. The reason i'm getting the 3DS is the games.

fatstarr3450d ago

So close to early xbox 360 ish graphics then?

AAACE53450d ago

I doubt all developers will make their games 3D, especially if they can get the game to look better without it!

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hoops3451d ago

All games in 3D take a performance hit. Resolutions are lowered OR they have to lower the graphics or take out some post productions effects.

Cheeseknight283451d ago

As long as the system contains great games (3D or otherwise) Nintendo can have my money.

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The story is too old to be commented.