Rage Gameplay.

See the latest trailer of Rage a
Post-Apocalyptic game which is being developed by Id Software the creators of Doom and Quake.
Rage is a mix of an FPS and Racing Game, and is due for release in 2011 on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

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nickjkl3029d ago

how do i put this weve seen this before

NecrumSlavery3029d ago

Oh I thought you were going to say "How to put this weave?" LoL

I love the way this game looks and plays. I still have lots of worries and questions though.

The town show in the demo acts as the mission hub. Does that mean this is the only town? Is this like Borderlands with a large open world but a few towns and tons of outposts. Or is it like Fallout with a new adventure around every turn, where you can forget the main quest cause you're to busy helping a simple civilian on his hour long unmarked side quest?

HolyOrangeCows3029d ago

I don't see what the big deal is. Slow gunplay, a generic post apocalyptic setting, some simplistic vehicle sections....Meh.

NecrumSlavery3029d ago

The BIG DEAL is it's running this good on 360. Which just goes to show the community is aware of the 360 hitting it's peak. But now, it shows, that it has a little left in it.

inveni03029d ago

HolyOrangeCows, as unpopular as it'll be, I'm gonna have to agree with you. Rage really does have a nice look to it. If it was an RPG (a real RPG), then I'd be all over it. But it's not. They're gonna need a better hook than vehicles and graphics to win me over...and I'm a tech junkie. I buy games just to see the tech all the time. But the only technically impressive thing about this game is MegaTextures. Sure, it's running in 60fps, but so is Killzone 3. Also, the "dungeons", or where you go for your missions, seem to be far lower quality than the outdoor areas. And that's fine. I guess I just feel like id is coming to the table this generation at a huge disadvantage. They're bringing something brand new, and they're trying to WOW us. Graphics can definitely do that, but those same games can leave the majority of gamers dissatisfied with the gameplay (Crysis, Assassin's Creed, etc).

I think that id has the potential to really amp this thing up (and I honestly think that more RPG-like features would do it), and I hope they do. It would suck donkey nuggets to see their first game in so long earn anything less than 90s all around.

Holeran3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

Was Killzone 3 confirmed at 60fps? As I read the initial video that was tested was running at 60 fps but that was because it was a video of a tv that was running at 60 fps but they couldn't confirm the game itself was running at 60 fps. If it does run at 60 fps then that will be a sight to behold.

Jaces3029d ago

That's really not a big deal. What's the point of an amazing looking game if the gameplay is meh at best? No really big battles going on, no major fights, only a couple enemies on the screen at once (based on what we've seen). They're using so much of the 360's power just to get those kind of graphics, could explain the lack of excitment and huge gun wars, wouldn't be able to handle the graphics and chaos at the same time.

It's not that big a deal. Now Crysis, that's a Big Deal. Though I don't think it looks as gorgeous as Rage but it looks a helluva lot more fun than Rage.

NecrumSlavery3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

G4 thinks so

"I can't believe this is on 360"
I am hearing it a lot recently. No biggie in the end. But people are making it out to be. It is one of those 360 multiplat versus PS3 exclusive debates all over again.

Both games are worth a go. They are multiplats so I'll get them for PS3. But the excitement is that they can run on 360. Crysis 2 isn't looking as good as people would think. I think Rage still looks better as of now.

Jaces3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

I never cared for G4 or their opinions so that's out of the question. The thing I look at is what if you took away those lush enviorments and character builds and all you had left was the gameplay? You'd have a very generic/boring (IMO) FPS.

UC2...still would be a blast. Halo...we'll it's not the best looking but it's still hell a fun. Gears...still a good time. KZ2 still great but I admit it did get a little boring after I tried playing again some time later, but those first few months I played the hell out of KZ.

Point is graphics don't make a game (we should all know that, fanboys aside), what's left over is what we should really care about and Rage just isn't doing it for me. I hope the reviews will show this when it's due for release, that or they show me some footage where I'm smiling and thinking "hell yea".

Last bit: I don't care how good it looks being a multiplat game, if it can't pull of UC2, Halo, Gears, and KZ2 type chaos all while maintaining 60fps then what is the big deal? It's like a Zen Garden shaped in the form of a gun, beautiful but boring.

DeathMetal3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

"I don't see what the big deal is. Slow gun play, a generic post apocalyptic setting." My thoughts exactly except about Killzone 2.Of course on Rage slow gun play is bad but for Killzone it is realistic. LOL the fanboy logic.

Graphics can definitely do that, but those same games can leave the majority of gamers dissatisfied with the gameplay (Crysis, Assassin's Creed, etc). Like all the people that gave crysis stellar reviews, funny how Killzone is not on the list cause it blows compared to Crysis but most people on here do not know cause they have never played it LOL.
The PS3 fanboy both interesting and retarded at the same time with their logic. Of course if Rage was a PS3 exclusive it would be praised on this site. Sad but True

pixelsword3028d ago

I played Crysis.

It's kinda overrated; it has great graphics if your computer can do the math, but it ain't winning any Peabody awards for it's story: but nowadays, which game would?

N4g_null3028d ago

Hey just trying to help out a fellow gamer.

I don't know if any one got the game play demo they did also. The ai can actually jump over you can kill from what I saw, should be really fun and with splash damage making brink we should be able to see that type of game play soon in multiplayer also, not just running on the ground stuff more like crawling over the environment to kill people.

You'll have to play it to believe it i guess, and it's actually running faster than most of your exclusives.

A trend is appearing. The PC guys have some really impressive stuff coming to the console and id tech 5 should and could get used more than quakes engine. It is that good.

I really hope they make a quake 3 like game again!

Oh yeah look at those shots/vids man not a single tiled texture.

We the industry is going to have a field day with this new engine! so yeah we might not need new consoles!

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Elvfam5113029d ago

I think I'm tired of FPS....TPS please somebody???

Commander_TK3028d ago

of an FPS with a bit of RPG elements and driving too. I have high expectations since it´s made by the godfathers of FPS games.

jjohan353029d ago

These FPS games on consoles need the map editor too. Developers don't realize that if they provide the console consumer with tools to make their own levels and maps, allow them to upload and share with the rest of the community, their game would totally destroy the competition. Think of LittleBigPlanet but for FPS games. Instead developers and publishers would rather charge for overpriced DLC.

ironwolf7773028d ago

Farcry 2 was said to include the best map editor ever to grace a console, and I believe it to be true.
But that didn't save it from the fps graveyard.

jjohan353028d ago

@ ironwolf777

Far Cry 2 had other problems (I own it). It was buggy as hell. Obviously having a map editor won't redeem the game if it's buggy or glitchy. But can you imagine Killzone 3 with a map editor? Or Uncharted 2 with a map editor? Or Socom 4 with a map editor?

Far Cry 2's user generated levels have some of the best multiplayer maps I've ever played in an FPS, regardless of console or system. The bugs kicked everyone out of the lobby after every game or stopped you from completing the single player game. But that had nothing to do with the map editor and the wonderful things the community created with it.

siyrobbo3028d ago

Unreal tournament 3 supported mods and such in ps3 but sold very poorly

jjohan353028d ago


Unfortunately UT3 mods are different than user generated content on the console. Levels built for UT3 were done on PC, then it took forever to get it converted for the PS3, which you had to download to your thumb drive and physically transfer it to your PS3. On top of that, there was no central place to find these mods, so players had to dig around the internet for them on their PC. See the problem? It's not a streamlined process (unlike LBP) and the editor wasn't on the PS3 platform (unlike LBP).

But if you guys want to continue purchasing overpriced DLC (cough MW2 cough), I guess the debate is over.

Snakefist303028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

Crysis is all abut graphics not gameplay

Rage is all abut gameplay and graphics.Its a day 1 buy for me

Same goes to Killzone 2 is all abut gameplay and graphics

BTW @outrageous

Did u no tat ps3,360 and pc will hav the same grahics idiot and dont give any bullsh*t videos abut Rage on 360 looks better than pc and ps3 they havnt shown the graphics and gameplay of pc and ps3 yet so stop being a 360 fag and another mistake u made is tat the game rage will hav 3 disc dvds not 2 dvds.Dont believe me go to rage wiki Carmeck told tat 360 rage will hav 3 dvds fag.

N4g_null3028d ago

I think crysis wanted to do this which is why they showed the game being edited on both 360 and PS3.

I sort of doubt it though. You will need at least 8 gigs to do your normal maps easily. LBP was easy to use because to compile a level does not need any post processing.

This game like many other needs lots of that. With Some work station being in the upper 32 gigs.

THe UT mod thing was a pain yet it was cool also. if you had a good pc you could do a compile pretty fast.

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outrageous3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

Watching this video AGAIN only reaffirms my belief this game will never run on the PS3 looking this good. Once again the demo, like Crysis, is running on 360. All the talk about AI never being the same between the different enemy types guarantees it will not run on the PS3 at this level. Same for Crysis...heck, look at all the problems EA is having trying to get MOH to run on the platform. I know Id said the PS3 run as good or better but I doubt it. Look at RDR and how that turned out. Why do all the developers out side of Sony's exclusives demo their games on 360?

This game is still a year away and it does look impressive. I still can't believe they claim you will not see many things twice. Explains the 2 discs on 360. Here's a demo walk through with some scenes some fans may of missed...ENJOY

Biggest3028d ago

Welcome back, cez. You never give up. You're right, by the way. The PS3 can't compete with the 360. All of the games that have come out for the PS3 were black magic. That is the only way to explain the incredible graphics, outstanding gameplay, and creative experiences. But now that Rage is here to save the day for the 360 faithful, games like GT5, LBP2, inFamous 2, KZ3, FFvsXIII, and many others will just disappear. Long live Rage and the apparent 360 game domination! Am I doing it right, cez? One day I will be a delusional fanboy like you. I'm getting tired of living in reality.

outrageous3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

Mr Biggest, I know not of who you speak, but he must be a very intelligent and thought provoking individual for you to remember this person.

Comprehension is something you struggle with huh. Read what I posted again. I said " outside of Sony's exclusives ". The post is in regards to multi-platform games built with/on PC architecture struggling to perform on the PS3. What does that have to do with PS3 exclusives and how well/good they run/look???

Rage doesn't have to save anything and like most of the games you mentioned, is coming out next year. I never mentioned anything about the PS3 not being able to match the 360. That's something a DELUSIONAL fanboy, like yourself, thought up.

Both systems have there strong points and great games. We should all try to get along and agree to disagree. Rage does look very good but there are other games that look good as well on 360. I think this game below looks really good. Seems to have graphics on par with many of the great games this gen...ENJOY

Scotland-The-Brave3028d ago

its obvious its you cez, get back under your bridge. you obviously have no understanding of programming if you think this wont run on ps3

marinelife93028d ago

I don't understand the hype behind this game. It looks like a generic shooter.

Parapraxis3028d ago

That site is a MESS.
Any "web designer" who thinks people want a clunky mouse pointer forced on them when they enter a site is living in the 90's.

BABY-JEDI3028d ago

You are really hard to please LoL, but I do really appreciate your points, but I do think Rage will be a quality/fun game to play.

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I hope it's good.
I think I will be disappointed,but Red Faction was lacking in certain areas.As was Borderlands

3029d ago
Kalowest3029d ago

RAGE is going to be the Sh1T, can't wait to play this game.

cliffbo3029d ago

looks no better than Doom 3 on the PC, tbh looks like the same game engine maybe they tweaked it abit.

Eiffel3029d ago (Edited 3029d ago )

Oh denial, you've found yet another weak minded fool within your grasp.

You need to do some homework on the ID Tech 5 engine. As well as ID Software. If it's anything like Doom3 as you say, then logically given what occurred when Doom 3 released, it will impress and raise the bar yet again.

Dramscus3029d ago

Generic fps game with decent graphics. Aren't there a few dozen of those out already?
I just watched all that gameplay and all I could muster was a meh.

hassi943028d ago

And that's on Xbox 360! Once you get RAGE up on PC it will look absolutely breathtaking, this shall be the first game to surpass Crysis, I believe, and its sequel (on PC at least).

This comes from a Xbox 360/PC owner by the way.

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