GameCritics: Deadly Premonition is the Game of the Year (Part 1)

GameCritics writes: "I quickly finished the game, and once I’d stopped weeping openly, I swung by the old ‘Internet’ to see what various sites had to say about the game. After a little skimming I came to the conclusion that people were universally hard on the gameplay and graphics, but divided on the story. There was a ‘so stupid it made my brain bleed’ camp, as well as a ‘so stupid I couldn’t stop laughing’ camp.

I wondered, for just a moment, anyhow, whether they’d played the same game I had. You see, the thing I responded most positively to in Deadly Premonition was the writing."

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dizzleK3082d ago

for only $20 it really is an interesting game.

- Ghost of Sparta -3082d ago

Is that why IGN scored it 2/10? Is that why this same website that's submitting this sad joke of an article right now scored it a 4? 66 on Metacritic, 'nuff said. The game is utter trash.

piratesyar3082d ago

Game of the year? no. Surprise of the year? Just maybe.

I bought it on a whim after reading reviews. It's a weird game that comes out to more the sum of its parts. I had a lot of fun playing it. Considering how much shit I was talking about it in the first hour, I'm genuinely surprised at how much I ended up liking it. (What do you think, Zack?)