Gran Turismo 5 Head Tracking (Video)

We’ve known about head tracking in Gran Turismo 5 since last August, but this is the first time we’ve seen it in the flesh, so to speak. Equipped with nothing additional than an Eye-toy camera, Gran Turismo 5 appears to quite happily spin the internal view as quickly as you turn your head.

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C L O U D4713d ago

The way he demonstrated it was so slick.


whateva4713d ago

more games need to use the PS-Eye

Rumor4713d ago

anyone care to re-iterate that so-called driving sim on 360.corza? floorza? fuza, was it? XD

RageAgainstTheMShine4713d ago (Edited 4713d ago )

Since we are getting Gran Turismo 5 and LBP2.

PSEye & Move for GT5 Head tracking and control,
PSEye/Microphone & Move wand for LBP2 voice recording and ID recognition!

What an incridible SYNERGISTIC value for PS Move! Cant wait for the Holidays!

Yahooo! PS Move is Awesome bang for the buck!

GT 5 is a universal game for rich and poor, driver's cockpit steering wheelers or just Dual Shock 3 users. Those who know how to drive and those who don't.

bumnut4713d ago

Head tracking is nothing new, its been around for years (and can get annoying because you have to keep your head still while playing!)

ABizzel14713d ago

That's neat, but I don't see how this can help with racing.

It would be nice if you could use this online and have your face being shown while you drive pass someone, but I can only imagine what other sick things we'll see if that happens. Never mind stick with head tracking only.

ChanDangle4713d ago (Edited 4713d ago )

How about seeing ahead of the track before entering a turn? Looking at who's next to you? or just enjoying what Kaz has done with this game?

dredgewalker4713d ago

It also makes you feel like you really are inside the car. Head tracking adds immersion in the game and its a really great additional feature to any driving game.

RBdrift4713d ago

That head tracking looks pretty sweet, but I don't know if you guys remember but GT5 will also support multi screens with multi ps3's!.
Can you guys imagine racing with 3 screens around you at 1080p. Thats Insane!

gamerz4713d ago

I know exactly what it's for. My view preference is cockpit view, however online I use behind-the-car view so I can see the other cars enough to avoid hitting them - especially into turns. With the beautiful interiors of GT5, his will be awesome if it really works.

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FreeFalling4713d ago

if you suddenly look somewhere then mess up :/

But otherwise, it's cool.

EvilBlackCat4713d ago (Edited 4713d ago )

and even when i play with TRACK IR5 i use 3 screens

I recommend track and 3 screens anyway

MazzingerZ4713d ago

Yeah, that feature is nice but only if you have 3 screens otherwise it doesn't make much sense to turn to see the clock on the wall in my living room.

GT5 is full with features for the whole experience, there are many real hardcore gamers that also have the cash and own a 3-display setup.

Can't wait to experience GT5, can't say it has been a long wait as we have gotten awesome games since it was first announced, Uncharted, Resistance, LBP, Heavy Rain, Killzone, God of War...imagine if SONY didn't have 1st party studios? they would force them to release a unfinished version just to make it to some x-mas season

JL4713d ago

You do realize your head and your eyes work/move independently of one another right? you don't always have to be looking the same way your face is pointing. Did you see how little he moved his head? It's not like you have to move your head 90 degrees for the screen-view to move 90 degrees. So you slightly turn your head, but keep your eyes centered on the screen. It's not that hard of a concept people.

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Ps_alm3k4713d ago

as a option for it to work while leaning. I want to look at the screen while driving.

SoapShoes4713d ago

You can turn your head and still look at the screen. Same way you turn your head to look at the side of your head in a mirror.

Abriael4713d ago

you WILL look at the screen while driving. It works exactly as the Track IR on PC.
It reads subtle movements while you still keep your eyes on the screen, and via a magnification algorithm turns those movements into wider movements on the screen. Explained like this it seems strange, but it feels very very natural once you prove it, and your eyes never need leave the screen.

BaSeBaLlKiD7214713d ago

Sorry but I don't mean anything negative but I don't even see the camera moving when he turns his head... Kinda wish he did it while in the cockpit view, it would've showed a much better representative of the head tracking feature.

NateNater4713d ago

Wait what? Did you watch the video? He does it from in the cockpit view at 0:33-0:37

bigboss9114713d ago

did u even watch the vid? he went in cockpit view and it worked...

BaSeBaLlKiD7214713d ago (Edited 4713d ago )

ah, my bad... I just skipped down to middle of the video so I missed the cockpit view. Seems like it works pretty well, can't wait to play this game!

also btw, if any of you guys thought I was trying to flame, I wasn't. You can see in my comment history, I have never said anything negative about the PS3. I'll admit that I've said some things about the Xbox even though I have a 360, but PS3? never I would say negative things about it. So for my mistake, I'll give bubbles to everyone who replied.

RememberThe3574713d ago

You can't ever say something that is even close to the edge of negative about anything PS3 related. And you can't say anything positive about anything 360 related either FYI.

We're a very sensitive bunch here in the N4G comment section.

And now I wait for the disagrees as people try to tell themselves that this is not the truth.

BTW the game look sick, I probably wont use the head tracking thing, but it's a cool feature. With all the smack Turn 10 was talking Polyphony seems like they're about to go on a bitch slapping rampage with this game.

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Jls14713d ago

lol that ZR1 owned his lambo

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