Bart Decrem explains why he sold Tapulous to Disney

Dean Takahashi:

Bart Decrem scored big this week as Disney agreed to buy his iPhone music game company Tapulous.

Disney was drawn to Tapulous‘ big hits, such as Tap Tap Revenge and Riddim Ribbon.

I talked with Decrem about the deal and why he decided to hook up with Disney.

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lightningsax3961d ago

"Disney has a record label with Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers. We have access to that. If you look at our user base, 55 percent of our users are on the iPod Touch, and many are quite young. So that music will work really well for us."

I mean, he's right, it'll make money, but I'm kinda sad that we won't see much more Protest the Hero if they're focused on Disney artists... oh well! Not the end of the world.