OnLive: Incredible cloud gaming that Steam will eat for breakfast

Sarcastic Gamer writes:

I’ve spent many hours with OnLive today, enough to see with my own eyes just what an incredible thing has come to life. I’ve also realized that for value, Steam has nothing to worry about from the upstart service.

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NYC_Gamer3032d ago

Onlive is already failing with pc gamers..

playstation_clan3032d ago

is it out already? and should i care?

Cueil3032d ago

you should care... the service works as advertised

evrfighter3032d ago

Onlive has to first compete with D2D and GFWL before it can even be mentioned in the same sentence as Steam.

DMason3031d ago

Seriously. I thought I was going to get "PC Graphics" without the problem of upgrading my video card. My Xbox/PS3 looks miles ahead of Onlive. The lag is bad also. I have a 52mbps download/15mbps upload speed and I still get twitchy lag and buggy games.

ThanatosDMC3032d ago

Exactly, it's really idiotic to try to entice PC gamers with poor graphics.

ThanatosDMC3032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

If you're a PC gamer, usually you have a rig/laptop that have above average spec. However, with onlive they want you to play with lower res and crappier looking games on said rig/laptop.

JSA-Gamer3032d ago

Games cost the same as on steam yet you don't get to keep them.... you only get to use them. If you stop paying your subscription or if OnLIve loses its license deal with a particular gamer publisher, you're screwed. You get nothing. Good day sir! (willy Wonka reference)

Drazz3032d ago

Omg thats sux!!!! Are they serious, thats not even close to a good idea...

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The story is too old to be commented.