Gametrailers Best of E3 2010 Awards: Game of the Show

Find out which game toppled the competition at E3 2010!

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chase1673964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

what ever

colonel1793963d ago

but not because Rage was game of the show, but because they gave Rage best PS3, PC, and Xbox360. Now THAT is BS!

What's with GT giving the same game GOTY, or this E3 awards for every console? Like the PS3 doesn't have tons of exclusives to choose from. Even 360 had a good line up last year.

GT is lame. Why the hell can't they create a "MULTIPLATFORM CATEGORY"? Would it be that hard to recognize the games of each platform as they deserve??


Megaton3963d ago

Yeah, it's kinda dumb how they structure their awards. Whichever one they give GOTY or "game of show" automatically gets "best of X platform". Plus, they awarded PS3 with best game lineup, but couldn't muster a PS3 exclusive to nominate for game of show. Nominated Gears 3 for everything possible.

I felt pretty excited about Rage after E3, but yeah, GT trolls. I think they were the only guys to give MW2 GOTY last year, and they also claimed it was the best game on every single platform it appeared on.

Rumor3963d ago

should have the customization as fallout 3 and borderlands then its hour one for me. XD but killzone 3, infamous 2, gears 3, dead rising 2, sorcery, force unleashed 2, KIRBY GAME!!(very unique!), kid icarus, zelda....they are all winners to me

im sure im missing a few hundred games lol

ps36wii ftw

HolyOrangeCows3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

They gave Game of the Show to the latest generic trip to post apocalyptia with slow shooting mechanics.

They chose it over Deus Ex for Pc.
They chose it over Killzone 3 and Twisted Metal for Ps3 (Even though the Ps3 version wasn't AT e3).
They chose it over MGSR and Gears 3 for 360.

The GT staff is crazy.

Lionhead3963d ago

Well you guys are talking about GameTrailers for crying out loud

They gave GOTY 2009 to Modern Warfare 2 lmao

Information Minister3963d ago

Lionhead above me pretty much nailed it.

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Charlie_Shene3963d ago

not even Rage was my game of the show, can't wait for it. Its time for id to show the rest of the industry where it should be again.

AliTheBrit193964d ago

Assassins Creed: Brotherhood & Metal Gear Solid: Rising, stole the show for me.

Lionhead3963d ago

I loved the MGR trailer

I didn't see enough of Brotherhood though tbh other than trailers and the single player shown at press conference.

It's Assassin's Creed though, so it'll be great =D

Portal 2 and Twisted Metal and Journey did it for me though

swiftshot933964d ago

RAGE looks so amazing. Nice choice, I would choose Portal 2 over that personally though.

MiloGarret3963d ago

Yes. Me too. For Fairness. You Monster.

tony67673963d ago

Rage? i dont see nothing special about this game look a like borderlands game

Fireseed3963d ago

I really hope id is back with this game they've been resurrecting too many old franchises with meager results.

Charlie_Shene3963d ago

agreed it time for a fresh id title, i think rage will put id back up in most peoples mind as a top tier developer. Carmack is a genious in my opinion.

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