Mario Strikers Charged Gamespot Review

Mario's soccer sequel is a markedly more enjoyable game than its predecessor, especially for those who prefer the multiplayer arena.

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scarlett_rg5007d ago

I've just been playing this tonight, and it's sweet!

Was a bit disappointed when I first started (the tutorial is pretty weak and the load times are fairly lengthy). And my first online game started lagging before eventually disconnecting. And the single-player mode that it starts you out on is way too easy (eventhough I sucked), and I couldn't tell what the crap was going on half the time (also because I sucked)...

... But after a few more single-player games, getting used to the action and controls, I hit up the online play again. And though I haven't really explored much at all of the single player stuff... the online play is where this game really shines! Fun, fun sh!te!

I'm too sleepy to continue playing tonight, but I'll be up bright and early tomorrow to kick some more balls! Ooo yeah!

That's all. Just thought some people might be interested in my experience with the game so far. Definitely glad I picked it up.

jigaman5006d ago

@scarlett_rg: Thanks its nice to hear a review from an objective gamer. The critics can be anal and rigid most of the time (this includes gamespot). Most of the time I'll read the critics review then switch over to the user reviews which are much more accurate cause they (in my opinion) have a better idea of what a good game is.

This is the 3rd critic review I've read and it was a bit overly critical. One thing all 3 reviews have in common is how great the online experience is.

I have yet to play this game, but from what I've read and seen it looks really fun and appears to have taken a big jump from the previous game.