PS Move Too Little, Too Late For Heavy Rain?

With recent news about Heavy Rain’s Chronicles DLC taking the back seat in order to make the game compatible with PlayStation Move, it is clear that Heavy Rain’s chance for expansion or re-playability has gone out the window.

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dizzleK3970d ago

replayability out the window? i think most people with the game and move will give it a shot.

NecrumSlavery3968d ago

I for one haven't platinumed it yet, so this is welcomed. I am excited to start the PERFECT CRIME path to sinister victory... MUHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

blitz06233968d ago

Too little too late? The way I see it, Move will sell more copies of Heavy Rain.

Boody-Bandit3968d ago

I have yet to play Heavy Rain so I will pick it up to go with Move the day it's released. Sometimes being late to the party has it's benefits.

jeeves863968d ago

Took the longest time to get, but ultimately the most satisfying ending...actually...hmm.

SeanRL3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

I beat it once, that was enough for me. I liked it but it's a game that's really only meant to be played once, David Cage said it himself. BTW, you shouldn't play a game just for the trophies, that's stupid, just sayin'.

Edit: at least tell me why you disagreed with me! fucking dumbass's

Edit 2: NecrumSlavery, that's a good point and I understand what you mean about your feelings for your son, but I see it as a story, as a real story. Once you make choices you can't take them back, even if they get a loved one killed. To me, that's the beauty of it, and it's why I won't play it again.

NecrumSlavery3968d ago

But the PERFECT CRIME is like a whole new game dude. And David Cage said he wants you out of your comfort zone with Heavy Rain, and that's what this is. Playing through again and making choices you didn't make the first time. I've played through heavy rain a few times, and I still can't beat my son in the sword fight. I mean I can, physically but I always let him win. I'm a dad and would never try to one-up my own child. This game truly is played through your emotions and instincts. So take a second go through.

And with PS Eye full motion body support, you can strip 1:1 precision. When you're naked in your living room, you will feel as dirty and degraded as Madison did....that's a joke.

Imperator3968d ago

I'm buying PS Move specifically for two reasons. Sorcery, and Heavy Rain Support. It's going to be great playing through the game for a fourth time. It's awesome.

D4RkNIKON3968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

you know, sorcery did look really cool. I am looking forward to LBP2, Socom, Killzone, GT5 and Heavy Rain move support. Not to mention RE5 and Dead Space Extraction, that is a pretty good amount of core games if you ask me.

Rainstorm813968d ago

that list damn near trumped every motion line for core gamers anyway......GT5 has move support? thought it was only pseye head tracking.

Sheikh Yerbouti3968d ago

I saw the potential of both Move and Heavy Rain, and decided to buy the game with Move...hoping it will be announced.

Still DLC would be cool, but Move means more money than a piece of DLC.

ABizzel13968d ago (Edited 3968d ago )

Once I beat it I didn't want to play it again, but then I realized that there are different endings once I let a family member play it, so I would be willing to play it once move comes out, just as long as I don't have to buy another version of the game (at E3 they kept saying move edition which makes me think you have to buy a new version of Heavy Rain, and the only way I'm doing that is if gamestop offers a trade in deal towards it).

I also think this should be a game bundled with Move to help both sell more. Heavy Rain would be 6 months old, so very few people are still buying it so why not push more sells this way.

Heavy Rain & Move controller $60
Sports Champ. & Move controller $60
Sly Collection & Move Controller $60
Old Time Crisis game & Move Controller $60
Eye Pet & Move Controller $60
The Fights Lights Out & Move Controller $60
Kung Fu Rider & Move Controller $60

And games that require move should all come with a move controller. This would help move, Move off store shelves.

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Myst3970d ago

I know I'll give it a shot after my hard drive with my game save for this on it failed. Having to start over is going to be a bummer. I know I'll replay the game, but as to whether or not I will get and utilize move remains to be seen.

NecrumSlavery3968d ago

Heavy Rain data can't be transfered anyway. Not that it needs to be. It's worth another go anyday.

kneon3968d ago

If you do a full system backup then all game saves can be restored, even those that are locked and can't normally be backed up. I usually do a weekly backup, though I've yet to have a drive failure

DigitalRaptor3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

Honestly what is with people and replayability? People treat games as if they're disposable these days. If you like a game enough, surely replayability isn't an issue, you just play through it again. It doesn't just have to have online multiplayer to have replayability.

The game has sold well and is firmly considered a Playstation classic. With or without Move compatibility, Heavy Rain will always be a good game, and I'm sure people will want to give it a try with the new control scheme. I know I will.

Unicron3968d ago

I have to agree. Does no one replay a game for FUN any more? I replayed SotN over 20 times. No Trophies, no achievements, just a fun game that I enjoyed doing over and over.

SeanRL3968d ago

Exactly, I played through mgs4 3 times, who cares about trophies? If a game is fun a game is fun, trophies don't make it any better.

paladin_veltron3968d ago

same here, i beat each god of war 2 times and looking forward to another playthrough on gow 3. symphony of the night is one of my all time favortie games. and can you believe they got it on the ps store for 10 bucks! bought it the first day i had my ps3. i have some friends who bought god of war 3 once, loved it, then traded it in the next day. sad if you ask me.

jneul3969d ago

I'll be replaying it with the move:):)

Falloutxii3969d ago

How is it too late if Move hasn't even been released yet. It's not like Move came out a year ago and they're barely releasing a patch.

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