G4TV: Whatever Happened to Kinect's Object Detection Technology?

The reality of Project Natal that Microsoft unveiled at E3 this year, Kinect, wasn't exactly what the company promised when the technology was first teased at the E3 prior. One of the biggest omissions was the ability for the camera to detect objects and implement them into games. That wasn't present anywhere at E3 2010.

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Why o why3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

that helped it win numerous 'tech of the future/year' awards.......................* shrugs*

you just have to admit we've been duped. From the celebs to the guy behind the curtain and even the celebs behind the curtains to the milly vanilli's on stage. MS has led many along the fools path. In the end it may do great simple casual/party games BUT it is nowhere near as capable of doing half the things MS projected or what many had hoped for. Whether it sells a trillion is irrelevant to many of us here on n4g. If it does, on the other hand, magically do what it says on the tin then ill be mighty impressed and would have to eat much crow for weeks but.....somehow i doubt ill be doing that though


at least hit me with a reason.

Blaze9293964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

Episode 10 - 40:50 mark - In reference to Kinectanimals: "We'll be releasing plushy toys you can get and hold up to the sensor and scan right into the game and play with that animal and object in the game."

'nuff said.

AridSpider3964d ago

and with one comment Blaze pretty much debunks this submission's question. Next

Nitrowolf23964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )
read that "MAKE NEW FURRY FRIENDS" part near the bottom (or read below)

from the website
New Furry Friends

"With Kinectimals limited edition plush toys, you can unlock even more furry friends to play with. Choose from five different Kinectimals plush toys, scan the tag with Kinect and then watch it come to life on screen right before your eyes. And each one unlocks new accessories, too. With your very own plush pet, you can keep your new friend with you even you’re away from your Xbox 360."

This is limited, notice the part were it says "SCAN THE TAG WITH KINECT"
Its not detecting the object itself just the codes on the Tag thats how it will recognize it. I am guessing without that Tag it won't work.

So its not really "Object detection" that people are thinking it is,

@blaze below
Yeah but its not the same as Object detection like bringing a bat out and have it scan that (no tags either)
If i were to rip the tag off the toy, it would still be able to detect it.

I think the type of detection is literally grabbing anything in the room and have it be in-game that this article is talking about.
And yeah it is stretching the truth

take a look at eyepet
this is using a form of it
You draw it
it detects your drawing and brings it to life

Blaze9293964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

lol if that's the case then MS didn't 'lie' at least...just - extended the truth hahahahaha. that's clever because you still are scanning your own object into the game...but by a barcode lmao. Microsoft man

Wildarmsjecht3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

It states that with the plushies they'll be releasing in stores, you can then scan those in the game, does that mean that only items released by the devs can be scanned in?

It doesn't necessarily proves random objects no matter what can be scanned in, but it doesnt debunk it either. It makes it seem as if there will be something on the Kinectimals, whether it be a barcode or something within it that can be scanned in specifically for Kinect.

As for random items, Sony did take a patent out on random objects being scanned into PSEYE. Maybe this is why they can't necessarily do it, and instead it will have to be specially made objects.

The patent takes any 3 dimensional object being scanned in and used for gaming purposes and give examples. Who knows how far exactly the patent can extend, but it looks like you won't be able to scan whatever you want into Kinect.

Edit - Nitrowolf proved what I was curious about with the Kinectimals already it seems. Thanks Nitro!

Johnny Rotten3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )


have fun with your games... I mean plushies!!

go ahead and call me trolling but so far Kinect is nothing, Move still hasn't showed that it can be "fun" but at least it has games!

adram3964d ago

"Use Your OWN Gear" not "toys WE'll be releasing" eyepet already does that and all you need is a pen and a piece of paper.

JustTheFactsMr3964d ago

And with one comment by Nitrowolf2 the usual MS half-truths are confirmed. Speaking of next.

"We are within industry standards"

Of course the didn't say which industry. They just let you assume since the questions were in a gaming magazine it was about the 360 and not their internal telephone systems.

At least Eyepet lets your kids draw their own stuff and then it brings them to life. $30 camera.

Bit more engaging for your kids rather than going to toys r us, buying a toy and scanning a tag.

morganfell3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )


You are kidding, right? Microsoft duped everyone and failed to deliver on several key implementations that were shown in video form at last years E3. Or they simply pretended certain items they promised never existed. Then this year, most of their show was either actors attempting to stay in sync with video, two silly girls chatting, extremely slow manipulation of the menu system, or Kinectimals - the game where what you do with your hands doesn't matter.

Here is a clue for you. When MS says, "We'll be releasing plushy toys you can get and hold up to the sensor and scan right into the game and play with that animal and object in the game." that should tell you the release will come AFTER the game ships.

How long after? Or will they arrive at all? And notice these are specific items MS chooses, no longer the free form drawings originally spoken about. There might as well be an ID badge or barcode on the toy. After all, it won't actually be scanning the item in but rather IDing an item already in the data base.

Here is the truth. You were duped. You were not alone. But the further and faster you run down the path the more laughable it becomes. At some point you have to wake up and smell the coffee. Defending MS in this situation results in the elimination of credibility on anything else you might want to discuss.

Why o why3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

did you watch the trailer.. i swear i didnt edit it. `Im not saying they lied im just stating they misled...BIG time

they won awards and support off a concept....c'mon, how much of the features shown in their trailer has been achieved in real life or shown to real life people? Bits definitely but the majority of features...Nope. If its to be released this year its should of at least shown us more by now.


kinect is just a watered down Natal concept. Maybe the tech had to be cut in order for the price to be viable who knows.

ActionBastard3964d ago

and with one additional comment Nitro pretty much debunks this object detection question. Next.

Triella3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

PSEye "scanning objects and bringing them to the game" tech demo

As for Kinect being able to scan objects, it was probably part of it in the begining when the camera had still it's own internal processor because it requires processing power and capabilities to analyse a drawing and/or an scanned object and implement it in a game.

TotalPS3Fanboy3963d ago

Fool 360 gamers twice, Shame on Microsoft.
Fool 360 gamers every freaking time after that, Shame on 360 gamers.

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beans3964d ago

This is just retarded for the simple fact that it's not even out yet and everybody seems to think they know exactly what it can do. Just like consoles it will take some time for it's ideas to be realized.

madpuppy3964d ago

Every time Microsoft releases a new version of Windows they claim it is the "best" and "safest" version of the OS. They also show tons of great features that will be implemented into the os for example "WinFS" was one of the main features in Vista and it was cut before release and now we have Windows 7 and WinFS is still not here.

That is Microsofts way of doing business promise allot and give non even a fraction.

kneon3964d ago

I expect it's not a technical issue but rather a patent issue. Sony has a number of granted and pending patents on such technology dating back as far as 10 years ago.

This scanning of tags idea in nothing but webkinz 2.0, the only difference is you don't have to type in the tag id.

3963d ago
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Cajun Chicken3964d ago

Was never going to happen anyway! I lol'd at that promo video.

Cueil3963d ago

Sony owns the patent to that... it's not something Microsoft doesn't want to do it's something that they can't legally do

dizzleK3964d ago

just another one of the lies that the complacent media didn't call ms out on.

absolutecarnage3964d ago

LIke seriously the product hasn't even been out yet and people who don't even work on thing and just watch video's a listen to retards on n4g think they know absolutly what everything Kinect can do, including the (Price, games price, what type of games it can do ect........... list goes on and on)

IT takes a couple of year to get too the full potential of a product through trial and error. So what if microsoft came out with casual games for kinect I'm sure that Microsoft has heard that we want more mature titles. There main purpose this year was to attract a new market for them and guess what it probably will.

@ Hey DizzleK Did you ever call out sony when they promised you Playstation home (how many years did you guys wait 3 or 4 or better example the famous killzone footage and then the game came out like 4 years later stringing you guys along. ( never know if it was ever coming)
But eventually it DID didn't it

Non_sequitur3964d ago

Did anyone else notice that when the board was scanned the boy's hands were in the way and the scanned board on the TV did not show his hands present at all.

jazzking20013964d ago

sry we r now experiencing technical difficulties

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TheTeam063964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

Two words. False promise.

But in all seriousness, wasn't Sony the ones to take out a patent on that? Something about not being able to use random objects as controllers? I think that was pretty smart of them to do. Now Kinect will have to use objects from the game developer themselves or an object sold at retail like those stuffed animals for MicroKatz (Kinectimals).

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