Joystiq Preview: Dead Nation

Joystiq: "Adding zombies to your game is like putting a lowercase "i" in front of your product name. Marketing types think people just go for the one called "the iBlanket" or the racing game with zombies. While that might have been true a short time ago, I've become desensitized to these overused hooks -- there's also got to be a catch to wrestle away my dollars. That's what makes Sony's Dead Nation somewhat unappealing. Developer Housemarque (of Super Stardust HD fame) has no problem shoving hordes of undead freaks into this PSN game and giving me weapons to kill them with, but that's already been done to death. Come on, guys. Throw in some really cute demon kittens or something."

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jay23973d ago

I'd love a full exclusive Blu-ray release zombie game. I hate this camera angle.

pippoppow3973d ago

I want a real survival horror zombie game. A game with few weapons, 100s of zombies in a huge open world city or land mass, a game where running, hiding and boarding up locations are a necessity. Maybe one day.

Cajun Chicken3973d ago

No, still not sold. I don't think this is going to be any Superstardust HD.

dizzleK3973d ago

i'm tired of the robotron-style gameplay. aren't there already 2 psn games just like this? plus theres the grinder next year.

i'd rather have a legitimate attempt at a left 4 dead style game on ps3.