Let's Talk About Zombies

I love zombies. Like, really love zombies. I’d marry one if I could.

Once upon a time in the not too distant past, the videogames industry loved zombies too. There was a point barely a year or two ago when even a trip to your local game store resembled something out of a George A. Romero flick, with soul-less, groaning store assistants shambling from one isle to the other, stopping only to lunge towards you with a zombie game in one hand and a strategy guide in the other.

Still, the ravages of time catch up with us all eventually. Whether it be through over saturation or simply a lack of fresh ideas, the humble zombie appears to be joining the Nazis on the videogame antagonist scrap heap.

Is there life in the undead yet, or is it time to bury them for good?

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dizzleK3963d ago

i'm still waiting for THE zombie game to end all zombie games. it'll probably be dead island if that ever friggen comes out. the others like dead rising or l4d are honestly just games that happen to have zombies in them, wrapped around some relatively silly gameplay.

OooSheeet3963d ago

Why no FPS Zombie games on the PS3? There is just about every other type, but never Zombies! 3rd person just doesn't do it, you need to be fully immersed to be truly terrified. The 360 has L4D, and Dead Rising looks boring!