Realtime's Dave Jones defends APB

Realtime Worlds' Dave Jones has responded to criticism of APB in a wide-ranging interview due to be published on Eurogamer next week.

Jones blamed disappointing review scores on "misconceptions" and "huge expectations".

Eurogamer gave the game a 6/10 this morning, criticising the combat, matchmaking, and vehicle handling, but praising it for "the vast amount of intelligent thought and clever design that has gone into the structure of the game".

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Jack Klugman3624d ago

I just can't imagine if this had the original plan of being a 360/PC release. All the cries of 360 gimped this game and ruined another great potential would of been the scape goat. Now it's about misconceptions?? hrmm.

Jdoki3623d ago

I played the beta, and I felt the same issues as Eurogamer. The fundamental problem with the game is that the key game play mechanics are poor (driving / shooting).

Charmers3623d ago

Got to love the "misconceptions" and "huge expectations" scapegoat ....... hm lets see it's a misconception that this game features driving is it ? and it is a "huge expectation" to expect the cars to actually be drivable.

I was in the beta from the start and the driving model was one of the key things every one complained about. If you haven't played the beta then the driving makes the Saints Row 2 driving model seem responsive and fantastic.

If I had to sum this game up it is a third person shooter with crap driving, crap shooting and pretty much sod all to actually do in the game. Oh the plus side the customisation was pretty cool though.