NBA Free Agency : How It Will Affect your NBA 2K11/Elite Season

PS Unlimited Writes. If you haven’t been following news as of late, let me take the time to gladly get you up to speed. There are two gargantuan headlines that are swarming through the the world of sports. The first story, Elin Nordegren is again laying the smackdown on her soon to be ex-husband, Tiger Woods, by symbolically smashing his wallet with a golf club in divorce court. The second story involves the most prolific NBA Free Agent class to ever appear on the hardwood floor, which is set to quite possibly create earthquakes within NBA world. Unfortunately, for some, we’re here to talk about the latter.

In the gaming world, for those who are avid players of 2k sports NBA2K11 or EA’s rebranded franchise NBA Elite 11, this could possibly mean that there could be a tour de’ force mega team that would could annihilate the competing opponents with ease. This may cause severe frustration for players who will constantly have to deal with other players choosing the front runners.

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dktxx23960d ago

One things for sure, Cleveland fans will be seriously depressed, at least on the inside.

J-Killer153959d ago

Lebron isn't going anywhere at least imo. I won't believe any speculation that ESPN promotes until the ink is dry.

blitz06233959d ago

Sorry LeBron wants a championship and he's not getting it in Cleveland or by himself because he can't lead a team and he always chokes. That's why he wants to play with Wade, a certified Finals MVP.

dinkeldinkse3959d ago

Lebron won't win a champ by himself because he is a choke.

Highlife3959d ago

Give me Bosh and Wade! Hawks Stanley Cup. Bulls NBA Champs!

SKUD3959d ago

Its championships in Cleveland or BUST for LeBron. No other way out.

xHarvey3960d ago

I have NBA 2K10. When 2K11 comes out will they still update the stats and roster on 2K10 ?

Drazz3960d ago

No they won't, you will have to buy 2k11. The knicks are still gonna suk no matter who they get. *Laughs at eddy curry earning 10 million with the knicks*

xHarvey3959d ago

I love how I got a disagree for asking a question. Thanks for the reply Xero_81.

bramabull803959d ago

We'll find out. I think lebron is either staying or is going to the bulls

Brklynty13959d ago

been waiting for this summer for years now, really LeBron leaves cleveland, after the whole team shitted on him like that, id say fuck cleveland and go play with Wade or Amare, i really see him playing in Chicago or Miami, idk him and Jay-z are tight since hes down with the roc, then thr knicks have all the money right now to get whoever, god i cant wait till next week

MikeTyson3959d ago

You didn't get NBA 2K10 because of rosters?
And LBJ can get the most $ from Cleveland. But he already stated it's not about money.

bunfighterii3959d ago

dude ever heard of fantasy draft and draft override?

Dellis3959d ago

JORDAN>>>>>> >>>>>>>> ;>>>>

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The story is too old to be commented.