Destructoid: Persona 3 Portable Review

Destructoid writes: "Of all the times I've played through Persona 3, this latest time was the fastest. Well, there was one time that had a lower total playtime, but I skipped all the dialogue. I couldn't do that this last time as some of the dialogue had changed, as the main character was a female for the first time."

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Homicide3972d ago

Currently, this game has a 95 average on Metacritic. I know it'll go down as more reviews come, but for right now, I'm enjoying it :)

Can't wait to pick up my copy next week. I don't know what to name my female protagonist.

raztad3972d ago

95? WOW. That would make it the highest rated game on the PSP.

I'm so getting it. The brilliant Peace Walker and this are giving me so many hours of portable enjoyment.