Walmart Shopper Says Unknown Man Scams Her For PS3 And TV

TPC: If it sounds too good to be true, chances are it is, and that's what a Walmart shopper learned when she went to the North Versailles store to buy diapers and left without $300

Deshia Chase told Channel 4 Action News' Ashlie Hardway that she was at the store just before midnight Tuesday when a man dressed in plain clothes approached her at the entrance and said they were running a promotion where she could buy a PlayStation 3 for $125 and a flat-screen television for $200

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newhumanbreed3028d ago

HAHAHAHAHAHAAHA Wow..... Pay at a register lady and make sure you get a receipt.

qface643028d ago

what a coincidence my brother was telling me about 2 guys in a walmart parking lot that tried to pull this same BS instead of a ps3 though it was an ipad lol

WhittO3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

There are so many things wrong with what she did, I'm surprised she didn't get totally raped and get ALL of her money stolen haha.

I mean she doesn't know these men at all (all 3 of them), she invited 1 to drive over with her to an ATM machine to withdraw more money while he waited in the car...and then drove to the BACK of the store where it will be empty-no witnesses etc and she waited while they walked away with her cash.....there are so many things wrong with that statement haha.

So, so Stupid.

I know alot of people would do this but come on, someone needs to educate these people.

I bet she clicks on the pop-ups that say she has won a New iPad or PS3 lol.

RedSky3027d ago

Man, I'm such a lucky guy. I always win those 1,000,000th visitor contests! Should be getting those 2 cruise liners, 5 private jets and 6 holiday resorts in the mail any day now.

Tone3027d ago

"There are so many things wrong with what she did, I'm surprised she didn't get totally raped"

I would refrase that if i were you.. it does not sound to good mate!

ABizzel13028d ago

I can understand she wanted the deal, but come on lady.

The human race intelligence continues to die day by day.

ShadowJetX3028d ago

MTV and other televisions stations like that? Meh, the global lowering of the IQ had to happen sometime, but I regret that it had to happen now.

But back on topic here yeah, any smart person would have asked to see what was bein sold yeah. It's like going to give someone money, and when you have the money, you go to meet them, but instead of walking towards them and giving them said money, you instead throw the money into the air and hope the person who you were going to give to gets it. Sometimes things like this are true, but most of the time there not. Lady kinda had it coming if she didn't put logic and common sense into the equation.

3027d ago
DaTruth3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

Actually, a dude approached me in a parking lot of a Canadian Tire and offered me a $4000 DiVinci platinum professional 5.1 surround sound system for whatever I could give him!

Guess some people just have bad luck because that $hit is awesome in my living room! Even more lucky was that the damn thing was analogue input only and I just happened to have an adapter!

wildcat3027d ago

It was probably stolen though...

FragMnTagM3027d ago

Here is the real value of the speakers you bought:

Red-Dead-Roar3027d ago

oh my. bragging about getting scammed yourself. haha.

beardpapa3027d ago

I remember when doing my schooling, the professor told us that patients don't know what you're doing and will thank you for 'anything' because they assume you know what you're doing and is qualified for the procedure. He joked around and said "they'll probably even thank you for sticking an enema up their butt"

Seems to me this lady was probably going through the same thing, assuming since they're wearing Walmart uniforms they're probably all legit.

-SIXAXIS-3027d ago

She's so dumb. Walmart NEVER has sales. They only reduce their prices permanently.

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PS3ROCKS3028d ago

Get her a ps3, LCD tv and a game for 300$ just pay upfront.

xino3028d ago

that is just retarded man!

i know..happens alot!

you hear about an exciting deal that's just too good to be truth. And you want to do all in your might to get your hands on it and abandoning reasons and logic.

I mean, you've been to Walmat, you either pay by cash or CARD! Since when has Walmart employee suggested customers to go directly to ATM to draw out money to pay for a good you haven't seen?

worst yet, you didn't even see the stuff they were selling or the type of tv they were selling!

best thing she can do is identify the employee walmart that was with that guy.

DaTruth3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

I bet they did have that to sell, but reneged when they realized how stupid she was and that they didn't even have to give her anything! Then some much smarter person out front of another store who asked to see the goods first, got this amazing deal!

xino3027d ago

anyway women are retarded! they always do some dumb stuff.

Hellsvacancy3028d ago

Far play 2 the dude who ripped her off, i bet shes a little wiser now

I remember me and my mate afew years back sold this idiot in the pub a lump of "Hash", well, it wasnt Hash, it was a door-stop, we just burnt off the edges to make it look like our personal stash, made £20 that night

Again, i bet that dudes a little wiser now