Best of E3 2010 Awards - Best PlayStation 3 Game

GameTrailers writes: With the PlayStation 3's powerhouse performance at E3 2010, which game had the best showing?

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MasFlowKiller3970d ago

I wasn't at E3 so i would have to take their word on it.
Rage does look amazing

Commander_TK3969d ago

Not a surprise, since it´s coming from the godfathers of FPS games. My personal fav would be Twisted Metal or Dead Space 2. A lot of great PS3 games at E3. Btw, I can c every PS3 fanboy now hating Gametrailers because an exclusive PS3 game didn´t win.

DrWan3969d ago

at E3 to be included. Both DS2 and TW wasn't playable.

xxolmoxx3969d ago

I'ma Let you finish, but the PS3 has the best exclusives of all time!