There Is Now a Mousepad that Can Also Grill Burgers

Michael Epstein of Rude Gameware: "July 4th is about America. And what's more American than gaming and grilling? I'll tell you: gaming and grilling at the same time. Also, fireworks. Maybe we can work those into our next version."

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TheGameLlama3447d ago

Hungry? What wait? Grab a... mouspad.

Quagmire3446d ago

Practical? No
Practical Joke? Hell YES!

3445d ago
Donny3446d ago

? what kind of shit article is this?

Bobbykotickrulesz3446d ago

lol this shit article is somehow better than almost any other article that enters this site.

Consider ourselves lucky to be a part of such a magical moment.

Donny3446d ago

links not working jack off

naznatips3446d ago

Considering what other things people do by their computers I would not want any food that's been on a mouse pad.

bmw693446d ago

Haha, funny article!!

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The story is too old to be commented.