Hulu Paid Service Detailed for Xbox 360 and PS3

Hulu the online streaming television service finally announced their paid program and with that announced what the Xbox 360 and PS3 service will include. The Hulu Plus service will cost $10 a month and will allow you to watch Hulu on multiple devices including

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Godmars2903973d ago (Edited 3973d ago )

Sad that Sony's allowing PS+ as a requirement for Hulu+. That neither seems to be considering giving limited access to Hulu, what you'd get just for watching it online.

But then the way this article is written, hinting that it might be coming to the PS3 when its actually been said, seriously makes me doubt the author has any confirmed sources. That he's just going by what's already "rumored" on the web.

Jeff2573973d ago (Edited 3973d ago )

This didnt read like it has been confirmed. Read more like pure speculation on the author's part. I cant imagine Sony adding Hulu Plus to PS+. I expect instead it will be more like Netflix. Where as long as you already have an account you can access it. Granted right now Netflix is through a disc but it was stated last year that it will be integrated into the XMB. I dont plan on subscribing to Hulu+ but I am looking at getting PS+.

Pedobear Rocks3973d ago

that PS+ is needed to gain access to this.

Jeff2573973d ago

Got a link from Sony to confirm it?

Godmars2903973d ago

Currently we only have hint of it through a leaked line of code. No actual official announcement has been made, its just the internet reverberating hearsay right now.

PoSTedUP3973d ago

i like this. when i get my own apartment, i can buy the cheaper internet provider, pay $10 a month for hulu cable, then use skype for my phone or majic jack lol. thats internet cable and phone for really cheap. what yall think?

we pay over a hundred dollars a month for the optimum triple play which is internet phone and cable for like $30 each a month plus tax.

hulu on ps3 sounds awesome, i go on hulu all the time on ps3 web browser to watch movies, well i use to.

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Theonetheonly3972d ago

ill just watch it free online.

newhumanbreed3973d ago

Ehh, I'll stick with Netflix.

sickpup3973d ago

Lost interest at the word paid.

nupes983973d ago

If Hulu offers most tv shows, then I am ditching cable. Between HUlu and Netflix I actually would have most shows and movies I watch covered

Christopher3972d ago

Lot more channels and shows on cable than on Hulu.

divideby03972d ago

sorry...totally wrong..if Cable had the NFL would be the only service one would own, if it was available to them.

Fel083973d ago

Why pay for something I can do for free on my computer???

Sumadyan3973d ago

Because HULU is going subscription based on all platforms including the pc, its still free for now, but when they roll this out it will be subscription based. The free HULU will be junk.

ASSASSYN 36o3972d ago

RTFA and you will see why.

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The story is too old to be commented.