SFX-360: Sniper Ghost Warrior Review

SFX-360 has posted a video review of Sniper Ghost Warrior.

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Shadowolf3123d ago

This review is definitely uneven. Not to tear down this review by no means but it seems clear the comparisons to COD were expectation going into this review.

The review never showed the games diversity such as the ability to play as a spotter and call out shot to the AI controlled sniper. Despite the game not being your $60 priced title with dramatic COD like character development, the plot is straight-forward and worth the price of admission.

The review hints at the games non-linear gameplay but never walk you through the different paths. As you watch this review it is clear the game looks great with locales filled with vegetation,unfortunately this was also not important to the reviewer to point out. The game also has sports some cool night missions as well as missions where the weather effects look rather amazing. I wonder if the review got that far in the game, hmm?

Also the review never explained the games on-screen assets as they are very important, such your heart rate monitor or radar and how they can be fully realized. The review talks about the health packs but it's as though the developers don't provide you with enough according to this review. I could really go and on about this review but I digress. Unfortunately this review seems like someone took gameplay footage trailers and threw a review on top of it.

Based on this review the game is a 7.4 based on it's what? I can't seem to remember.

Rob Hornecker3122d ago

I hate to say it,but ANY and EVERY new military sim thats comes out now and in the future will be compared to CoD/MW2 as it being the biggest seller of the past year.

I have Sniper/ghost warrior and find it to be a very enjoyable game to play. The graphics are good and the A.I. is a decent challange. I haven't tried the online VS mode yet so I don't know if it will have a lag issue or not.

I would say to people that are considering this game ,that if you like stealthy type games like Splinter cell or Operation Flashpoint 2 then you will like this game. IMHO I give this game a 7 out of 10.