Which Console Will Win Fall 2010?

E3’s over, summer’s in full swing and most publishers have seemingly shot their wads early by delivering some of the year’s best games in its first half. At this point, the competition to win fall 2010 – during which the industry rolls out its biggest guns in preparation for the all-important holiday season – is anyone’s game.

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Terarmzar3082d ago

None of them will fall in 2010... some of the journalist around here are so negative.

cool cole3082d ago

Read it again, it says which will "win" Fall 2010.

drewboy7043082d ago

I hope u were joking when u said that. i think I sensed a hint of sarcasm

halojunkie3082d ago

the guy with the black box on his head

SIX3082d ago

My system is the PS3 and it's already a success. This is all that matters. It's all i wished for because now we will see it being supported by awesome games. People who care about sales are really focussing thier energy in the wrong place. Instead of enjoying games they prefer to enjoy consoles. Sony continue doing what you are doing. Your fans love you. MS get back to what made you strong, that being bring back your hardcore games. Stop it with this casual crap.

poopface13081d ago

Im 100% positive the wii will sell the most consoles.

But, Halo reach, Gran turismo 5 and COD whatever its called will be the biggest software sellers on consoles.

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dizzleK3082d ago

what's even coming out this fall in terms of exclusives, reach and gran turismo?

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AusWarrior3082d ago

I don't really care, time will pass and no one will remember who won Fall 2010. These types of articles are getting annoying.

Colonel-Killzone3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

Sigh. I don't know any one of them can surprise us.

newhumanbreed3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

Reread the article title. It says 2010.

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The story is too old to be commented.