64% Prefer Discs to Digital

MCV: "A survey of over 1,000 people by research firm Ipsos MediaCT found that 64 per cent preferred physical discs for their games over digital copies."

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MGRogue20173970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

Of course they do.. While Digital is rather convenient at times.. With discs, You get to have it physically in your possession.. which is always alot nicer :)

darthv723970d ago

good that it is there to hold but bad if your kids get hold of it and scratch it up or worse. Surprising at the numbers. Not exactly a landslide but still a win for the physical media camp.

I like both as there are some things I cant find on physical but i can on DD and it doesnt make me enjoy the game any less if I dont have to remove the disc when finished.

monk3393970d ago

I am willing to bet that if they took this survey 5 years ago, it would of been around 90%, imagine 5 years from now?

nickjkl3970d ago

cant scratch blu ray

jus tried didnt work out to well i smudged it but it didnt scratch

evrfighter3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )


wow digital distribution is really taking off. In a couple years I wonder how far that's gonna drop.

nickjkl3969d ago

36 percent evr

to be exact 36 percent of 1000 people

so basically 360 people like digital distribution

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PS3istheshit3970d ago

I would hate it if the games got deleted... you cant delete a disc

PS3Freak3970d ago

THis is exactly why DD is a stupid idea. There shouldn't even be an argument.

monk3393970d ago

well, it is ps3freak18, and it seems 36% of the people surveyed support DD atm. That is a bigger adoption rate then Blu-ray.

PS3Freak3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

Then 36% of people are careless with their possessions... i guess.

GrilledCheeseBook3970d ago

this isn't the best argument as you can break the disc and with DD where the item is attached to your account it is possible to just redownload

I prefer disc but playing a game without a disc hasn't caused me any inconvenience or sense of loss

As time goes on the number that prefer DD will probably go up

Sheikh Yerbouti3970d ago


that 36% isn't an adoption rate. If that was the case Blu-Ray could be said to have 64%. But it does support that digital distribution is here to stay which was kind of apparent.

It also shows physical media will always have its place, especially when you need a lot of for games. And as long as technology and games improve generation after generation, we will always find reason that we need to use that extra capacity. So there will always be physical media.

evrfighter3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

On steam you can burn the folder of your game to a disc :)

easy as pie.

I've downloaded a couple of 15gb+ games already over steam. The great thing about pc gaming is you won't RROD or YLOD by leaving it on overnight. Or if you're like me...Months at a time.

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pangitkqb3970d ago

For me, I'm personally happy either way, digital or physical.

BAMGameOver3970d ago

think about it... are you still going to download 25gb of data? games getting better and better every year, there maybe games that takes 100gb~250gb of data in the future do you still want to download that lol
i prefer physical disc cuz i want the box art and instruction, i can let my friends borrow it or even trade it

BattleAxe3970d ago

This is the way I do it:

PS3: Physical Copies

PC: Digital copies

skyfire22613970d ago

There are not many games that are that big, i can only think of 2 of the top of my head (God of war 3 and MGS4). There might be more don't know nor care.

Point is if Internet providers were not greedy dicks and instead of taking all those government grants and put it into tech. that would AT LEAST get us caught up to places like South korea where downloading your 100gb-250gb can be done for $20 a month with NO bs download limits and in 5 min no less.

So don't blame DD, blame the IP's.

Just look at Steam's current sale. I'd like you and anyone else out there tell me when was the last time a brick and mortar had a 50-75% off sale? I live in canada so maybe that is why but then again I think the prices on steam right now are what games should be charged but i digress.

pippoppow3970d ago

Discs all the way. DD is good for the under $20 smaller file size and budget Indie games. Even then, I'd actually like a collection of top idie games on one disc.

With disc you can do what you want with it. Borrow, trade, sell. It's by far the better option. What if one day the company goes under or just decides to stop distributing games by DD.

Devs and Pubs use the excuse of pirating as one reason to go DD but what they do not under stand is that gamers sell old games to buy new ones. Going DD only would hurt new game sales especially since many gamers under 17 do not work.

Don't mind DD as an option but 9/10 times physical copy for me. I buy it like anything else and it becomes mine to do with as I like.

MNicholas3970d ago

I seriously question their research methodology.

The sales numbers contradict the claims of this report.

Spending patterns, not surveys, are the best indicator of consumer preference.

Successful companies don't waste money on surveys that ask consumers questions that they don't fully understand.

monk3393970d ago

Dr MNicholas, phd in current internet BS claims.


Sheikh Yerbouti3969d ago

I was part of research projects in grad school, and work as a market research analyst now.

MNicholas is right, and I suspect it might be off as much as 10%. Our problem is sample. Often times we have sampling bias where a respondent is prone to a certain response.

BattleAxe3970d ago

I was never keen on digital downloads until I recently joined up with STEAM. So far this week I've bought:

Grid $5.05
Bioshock $4.99
GTA4 $4.99
Far Cry $6.69
The Chronicles of Riddick $6.79
Rainbow Six Vegas $6.69
Sniper Elite $4.99
Crysis Maximum Edition $19.99
Borderlands $10.17
All 3 Borderlands DLC packs $10.17
Left 4 Dead: GOTY Edition $6.69
Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising $4.50

For the price, these digital downloads are the best thing since sliced bread :)

madpuppy3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

Digital downloads or "copies" are a scam and really have no value once you "buy" it. especially they way DD is done now by locking the copy down to the purchaser and a particular piece of hardware. If I buy a Disc based game or movie it is essentially mine to do as I please, I can lend it out store it for use sometime in the future, destroy it or Sell it as I see fit. Digital Downloads are so restricted you might as well consider them a rental. you cannot back them up on a disc, nor can you lend it to a friend to watch or even sell. It is a scam and anyone that thinks otherwise is deluded.

It will be a dark day for the consumer if digital downloads or "copies" become the de facto standard of distribution in the game and media industries.

There is only one way DD could redeem itself, If the digital copy could be backed up on a disk with no restrictions for what you can play it on.
and that the copy becomes essentially yours to do as you please.

MostJadedGamer3969d ago

If this was consoles gamers only I am sure you would see 80% choosing physical discs.

sikbeta3969d ago

Physical Copy > Digital Download

Physical Copy FTW!!!

ThanatosDMC3969d ago

I dont mind DD and i actually like it a lot, BUT the main thing that worries me if i am able the license forever. Like say a hundred years from now (just saying) could i still download it and play it or would the company hosting my games disappear and not let me download it anymore?

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dizzleK3970d ago

it should be higher. it'll be a cold day in hell before i pay more than $20 for a dd game.

SOAD3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

Even if said game is of the same quality and length as a game you would find on a disc?

I understand why you're fighting progress. You spent a lot on a media disc player and you want it to stay relevant.

Edit: @ SunnyD

Actually, you're wrong. I would just transfer the game to an external hard-drive, along with a shitload of other games, and be able to carry around that external hard-drive anywhere I wanted.

The reality is that digital distribution is the next logical step for game distribution. The only qualms people have with it is download speed and download caps, but that is not going to be an issue in a couple of years. People are just dragging their feet.

There is physically no difference in carrying a game on a disc and carrying a game on a hard drive. People say things like, "I like physical copies of my game because I want to own them." It's a nonsensical statement. If you have the game data on a hard-drive, then it's exactly the same as having your game on a disc.

Digital distribution is the future, and the best way to make it a standard is to plant the seeds now.

Sunny_D3970d ago

Well, think about it. With Disks, you can take them everywhere. While with DD you would have to take the whole system to play it. Also, with DD you need a lot of space, not to mention a reasonably fast internet speed to download gigabytes amount of space. With Internet providers giving consumers a cap on how much they can dowload, that's another reason to use disks.

adamx3970d ago

what If the info gets corrupted? Digital dis works for movies and music but its just not the same for a game, guess why a game holds what they call "value" get it? And by the way Surj does not approve...

Red-Dead-Roar3970d ago

are u able to sell or trade digital downloads in your future ?

pippoppow3970d ago

Adamx brings up a major gripe. You can't sell or trade games without a physical copy. Something many teens and younger gamers rely on to keep gaming.

PS3Freak3970d ago

Wanting to own them is not nonsensical. People are attached to materialism(myself included). You want to be able to see the collections of games or whatever else, that you spent your hard earned money on.

Also, as previously stated. What if your data gets corrupted, or the precious harddrive itself that you store it on? Then what will you do?

Digital Downloads are NOT the future.

SOAD3970d ago

@ PS3freak18, data can get corrupted but discs can also get scratched. If you have a digital distribution network like STEAM, you can just re-download and re-install the game data on your drive for free if you've purchased your game from STEAM. So the fear of game data being corrupted is moot.

The other point that you guys brought up is the inability to sell or trade games if you obtained them through digital distribution. That is a good point, I must admit, but there are ways around it. The owner of a DD game will be able to sell a game to another individual through pay-pal data transfer. DD networks like Valve won't refund games because they have no use for them since they already own the data and can duplicate it digitally for no cost.

But there is an upside to this. The cost of games via Digital Distribution are much lower than the cost of disc-based games from a third party retailer. On average, the difference in cost is 10 dollars, but STEAM and other DD networks like Direct2Drive offer fantastic deals on games, like THQ game packs that cost 40 bucks and come with 30 full games, or EA game packs that come with 10 games for 40 bucks.

Basically, even if the consumer of DD games loses the ability to refund or trade games for other games, they gain so much more. Overall, the cost of gaming goes down significantly because digital distribution is cheaper for the publisher than physical distribution.

The only arguments for physical distribution right now are the caps placed on DLing by ISPs, but that's about to change as aggressive competition has forced ISPs to remove those caps, and DL speed, which is constantly getting faster. The third claim is the ability to refund games that players don't like, but to me that just seems like an argument for poor consumers.

You guys do know what demos are for, right? If you play the demo and don't like it, then don't buy the game. Stop buying the game for full price just because you can return it for a refund. Keep in mind that major chains like Target and Wal-Mart don't give out refunds for opened software. They only give you store credit, which is kind of like a "digital" form of money you can only spend there. Hell, sometimes they'll only give you a new copy of the same game.

PS3Freak3970d ago

I don't know about you, but in my entire PS3 game collection, there is maybe one scratch. Blu ray has a protective layer on the bottom, and if that is perfected to the point were they actually never scratch, then the disc getting scratched argument will be moot.

madpuppy3969d ago

For example, you download a game off of PSN or XBL you are saying that you can just copy that game to a hard drive and play it on ANY PS3 or 360? how about movies, can you download a movie off of PSN and then copy it to a disk for viewing on any player anywhere? can you sell your digital downloaded titles? Not possible because there are restrictions, you are not allowed to copy them to a disc for backup and play elsewhere.

Digital downloads are a slippery slope as they are and will need more work towards balancing distributer and consumer rights to be a viable option. Right now, DD is too tilted toward the rights of the distributer and are not a good value at this time.

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RememberThe3573970d ago

But I'm one of them. I love owning my media. I know they wont last forever, but I still love having then in a physical form.

pippoppow3970d ago

I have over 100 games in my collection. Some are rare. Will be nice to know I can sell those games if the need arises either to recoup some money or even make a profit.

Aikuchi3970d ago

not everyone has high speed internet, dd is not a option for alot of people.

Faztkiller3970d ago

Yeah It would suck having to download games on my Dial-up

Faztkiller3970d ago

Yes and I download a whopping 5kbps on a good day It sucks

iamgoatman3970d ago

Still on Dial-up as well, huge pain in the ass.

Curse you rural Wales!

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